Saab 9-5 Xenon HID Bulb Replacement DIY - Trionic Seven

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bobbyhosweden: Underbart att se någon byta Zenonlampor med trädgårdshanskar! =)

Morradiercab: Let me start of by showering you with some well deserved praise for the collection of DIY videos on the topic of Saabs. I have only had mine for about 6 months, and although it seems like a well maintained object considering it has seen salty Norwegian roads since its completion, I have already run into what seems like 'Saab problems'; flickering HID lights, a massively malfunctioning Coolant By-Pass Valve which has seen me refill the coolant tank 8 times in two days, and no option as regards to streaming my music (except a lousy adapter) are the main ones. So far your channel has been able to help me out with each and every one of the issues at hand!
These bulbs sure are expensive, but I will get right on ordering a set. Do you know if I will be able to follow this guide from start to finish even if I have the 2.2 TID engine in contrast to yours?

Thanks again!
Also I feel it is worth mentioning that besides these annoying issues I have run into, the 9-5 (at least '02-'05) seems like a really good and reliant vehicle! Surely a buy I will not regret and a great first impression of Saab.

History of Saab cars: Where the start of a legend began

noisephreak21: Thanks for the video! really helpful ... any tips on how to remove the replace the side headlamp?

Allan Brallan: Hej. Hur byter man ut parkeringsljusen då? Skulle tacksamt behöva råd med mina prinskorvar till fingrar....

Samuel Howe: Helped out a lot thank you

Kjetil Torvik: Thank you for sharing. I have been looking for an easy-to-understand-video. :-)

Emiroj: Tjena Joakim! Jag tänkte fråga om du vet ifall det är möjligt att köra en vanlig glödlampa i xenonlyktan? (alltså att man kopplar från ballasterna, och givarna) och sedan bara köper en adapter som gör att h7 glödlamporna får samma fäste som d1s xenonen. Då borde det ju gå att koppla in allt, men vet inte hur en h7 står sig med en projektor! :) Hade det bara i tanken och tänkte kolla om du vet?

kyojitsu1: Great video - but cars from 2006 differ somewhat. I followed your instructions to get to the bulbs (really helpful) but it turns out the newer headlamps don't use a simple clip like in your car. It's a really awkward metal spring 'claw' that grips the bulb body on 4 sides. Getting it out is tough because there's so little room to grip it. Once out, it's tricky putting back the new bulb correctly as it has to be perfectly square on the the 'claw' and you need quite a bit of even pressure. If you get it wrong then you can bend the claws - especially on the MAF side where there's less room. If it's not correctly seated, you lose tons of light inside the reflector. I'm going to have to remove the headlight to do this properly I think. SO FRUSTRATING!!

adrian muresan: Hi Jhonnatan,(hope I spelled it correctly), thanks for the video and the radio tip at the end. I have the same car but a 2003 model,still runs great with 95000 miles on it. I live in Chicago by the way. I have a question for you. My car when it gets colder outside, let's say below 60-55 F or I guess 10 C , the suspension creaks or makes noises, or something from the suspension, not sure what it is or what component, but only when it's colder outside. During the summer no issues. I was wondering if you experienced the same issues? Any input is greatly appreciated!(subscribed:)

thebunnyrules: Thanks brother! Really appreciate it.

Örjan gellerstedt: Jag hade helt missat det där med tidsinställningen från radion! Står inte med i min manual men funkar fint! Svårjobbat med trädgårdshandskar ;-D

milkphish: Is it necessary to disconnect the battery?

Estevan Vega: your videos are awesome! thank you!

Carlos G: thanks for this fantastic video, now I am going to replace the PHILIPS XENON GAS DISCHARGE6000K on my 9-5 Aero as well.

Goot: Does the light beam angle change when you replace the bulb? In the UK we have an MOT that is very strict about the light beam angle and dazzle.

MotorfanPRVpl: Thank you, very helpful video.

sniperlif3: Standard low beams on the 9-5 required time to warm up. However, the different bulb on the High beams require little warm up time. Which is the reason they used different bulbs and you noticed the warm up time.
The light seemed noticeably better, not in terms of brightness but in terms of area. But maybe that is the camera changing the white balance. Nice video though

Edgar Reyes: thanks for posting this video! I was able to change out a dead light all on my own.

Joakim Liljedahl: Hej.
Har en 9-5 07:a med med bi-xenon. På denna modell är det inte en vanlig bygel som håller lampan på plats utan 10-15 små "piggar" som skall hålla lampan på plats. Detta är ett superkrångligt system. På min högra sida tror jag någon innan mig inte fått dit lampan ordentligt vid montering och skadat piggarna. Pga detta får jag aldrig lampan att passa in riktigt trots att jag lagt timmar på detta. Skall in och besa imorgon och tycker att höger ljusbild är lägre än vänstra.
Kan man byta till en vanlig bygelhållare eller någon annan lösning? Eller monterar jag lampan helt fel?

Tacksam för svar. "till experten på att lossa och montera luftmassemätaren"
Förresten-tack för en bra instruktionsfilm.
Saab 9-5 Xenon HID Bulb Replacement DIY - Trionic Seven 5 out of 5

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bobbyhosweden: Underbart att se någon byta Zenonlampor med trädgårdshanskar! =)
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Saab 9-5 Xenon HID Bulb Replacement DIY - Trionic Seven