Syndicate Gameplay AMD Radeon 6520g A6 3420m Quadcore 1080P

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YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): HP G7 1355DX :)

Ибрахим Абтула: and laptop model :)

Ибрахим Абтула: will you post core temp ,please

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): at the time i made this i didnt' have a cooling pad yet but the laptop actually didn't get too hot

MaleficPlanet: Are you using a cooling pad/dock for your OC'd (possibly very hot) laptop?

damien izzard: you should do vlogs bro :p or lets plays on some games and stuff :)

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): absolutely..i7's are awesome especially paired with the right graphics card..its a win win..your friend got his and you'll get a great one too :)

JJ Bluez: i figured to get an i7 wasnt a huge price difference, i can definitely see that its better than A6. thnx for the reply though u made me able to help my friend choose the processor :)

damien izzard: thanks bro the hp pavilion g6 1337sa is the machine im gwtting it has 8gb of ram so i ca play border nad syndicat :)

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): yep there are two ways...the first which i'd recommend is to get 8 gigs or more of ram..that way u can play without overclocking or you wont have to do as much overclock..and the second way is to use k10stat to overclock..i have a video on my channel that shows how to do that safely :)

damien izzard: Dude please help me i wana play borderlands 2 i know the i3 can run it perfectly the amd ghz is higher at 2.4 but thats turoboost is there a way i can keep it clocked at 2.4 insted of the standerd 1.5 /: if so how do i do it

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): That's a bit a tough question to answer..there are lower end i5's mid range and high end i5's like the i5 2500k ..if you have a choice between the i5 2500k and the A6 get the i5 2500k if u have the extra cash as u will pay a little bit more for intel BUT if its the mid-range or low ranger i5 than the A6 is pretty much on par and when overclocked it slightly surpasses the i5 midrange in certain games and settings

JJ Bluez: i have a question, whats better A6 3420m quad-core or i5 quadcore?

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): lol yea im not sure why mine is being different but i guess i won't complain as long as it works well i'll just let it do its thing

kaz050: odd i never have that happen i know if your doing well nothing lol it boost for a sec and drops even when its super cold and i only only see maybe core 1 and core 3 turbo for a sec and drop.

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): mine drops back down when it gets to a cerain temeprature..which is very rare that it even gets that hot and when playing games or doing anything at all all 4 of mine fluctuate back and forth..i remembered what you said about that ..not sure why mine is different..but no matter what including right now im looking at my monitor and all 4 are boosting up to 2.4 and going back down almost at the same time with just a half second between one another

kaz050: the 4 main cores will sit idle at 1.4 or 1.5 once you play a game if it is that demanding you will see 2 out of the 4 cores go in to tubo wile the other 2 still work but be at stock once your 2 cores are at tubro and under alot of stress load the other 2 kick in works the same as surfing the web ive ran my labtop in 90degree heat and it still turbo fine.

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): nope..the turbo boost has one set frequency and that frequency shifts across the cores unless u manually set them all the to be the same frequency using amd overdrive..if your cpu gets too hot the turbo boost will cut off until its cool enough to boost back up or if youre running on batttery and the battery gets too will cut off to save can overclock past the factory limit though if u want it a little higher but don't do that unless u can keep your computer cool

ErnestG: so basically, the more of the free cores are idle, the higher the turbo boost will be? I don't really get how this stuff works

YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): It does it automatically..Even without adding any memory it still shares ram with the gpu the only difference is that it cant share as much because of how much is actually leftover after windows gets some and the other processes..if u max your ram out it will allow for more ram to be shared to your gpu without disturbing your other stuff but i recommend gamebooster it closes down un needed processes to free up more ram..with our APU's the more ram the better
Syndicate Gameplay AMD Radeon 6520g A6 3420m Quadcore 1080P 5 out of 5

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YGTV(Yassir's Gaming,Tech&Vlogs): HP G7 1355DX :)
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Syndicate Gameplay AMD Radeon 6520g A6 3420m Quadcore 1080P