Naturehike Hammock Review And MicroAdventure

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Naturehike hammock review And MicroAdventure
Naturehike hammock review And MicroAdventure
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NatureHike Wind Cloud Hammock
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Lightake.Com /Naturehike ultralight sleeping bag.Review.
Lightake.Com /Naturehike ultralight sleeping bag.Review.

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Gary Langrick: Nice to see a fellow 'ullian doing a blog. Consider me subscribed. Good vid.

Ras Does Bushcraft: Cheers Mike for the video, learnt a bit more about ya and the hammock which i was trying to gather info for here in New Zealand, Blessed Trails Ras

Carlos Peña Barrales: Bro nice video, i´m thinking in buying this tent, but how about the the temperature? is really needed a good bagsack?and ou talk about "snake skin", is that really necesary?

hope you can answer!
by the way pretty cool adventure!

Ralph Lugo: How long did the hammock last? Do you recommend it?

Michal Jablonski: Thank You so much for this review, thee is so little information about Naturhike products.

BrumCraft: Great vid, what insulation did you use - a thermarest?

SlvrKmr: How long is the hammock body?

George rosado: hey bro...I think that I recognize your photos on the aliexpress reviews. the hammock looks good &thanks for the video demo..enjoy hiking

MsKate242: Thanx!!

Joshua Vuong: Great video!

William L: Hi from France !
Thanks for your great videos :)
I wanted to buy this hammock for my sports raid (like long distance cycling or inline skating)
You convinced me !

Virpukka: How big the tarp is? I couldn't find any information from it online so far.

Damian Webb: you sir are a champion. subbed from AUS. Just got myself a naturehike ultralight tent doova thingy for use while bushcrafting with the dog. he is fussy lol. Great review and smiling in the icy morning..... gold. ATB Damo.

Spark: Hi Mike!Thanks for yours reviews!
What you can tell about NatureHike company at all?What about quality.Is it worse to look on theyrs tents and equipment!?
I think about buy one of them.
I see that you have some items from them.
In few words about quality.
Thanks! Hi, Great video thanks! Im amazed that there is no information available for this hammock. Therefore I was hoping that you could help me.

I'm 182cm and 85kg could you guestimate if the hammock is large enough for me? How big is the tarp? Is the hammock fabrick single or double layer? Did the daisy chains stretch during the night? Is the tarp attached also to the daisy chains or do you have to rig it separetly?

Sorry for the ton of questions and a big thanks already in before hand for your answers!

Theoldmankk kk: Aha, I got the Green one and will prep it for next my Shikoku Trip. I further reduced it to 1.2kg by removing Carabiners and Loop belt.
Naturehike hammock review And MicroAdventure 5 out of 5

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Gary Langrick: Nice to see a fellow 'ullian doing a blog. Consider me subscribed. Good vid.
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Naturehike hammock review And MicroAdventure