Owning A Saab 9-3, Used Car Review

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Owning A Saab 9-3. Used Car Review
Owning A Saab 9-3. Used Car Review
How Reliable Is A SAAB 9-3 With 130k Miles? (Result will shock you)
How Reliable Is A SAAB 9-3 With 130k Miles? (Result will shock you)
Why Did I Buy a Saab?
Why Did I Buy a Saab?
Best used car to buy. especially if you have a family. SAAB 9-5
Best used car to buy. especially if you have a family. SAAB 9-5
Film. Stay Original –
Film. Stay Original – "Saab 9-5: you will regret buying it"

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NorzkenolZn: Subwoof is under The Chair :)

ants in your pants: tbh the saab 9-3 aero is a hugely underated car, 210bhp model definately scares an st225 focus, the estate aeros though are over 500 to tax, saloons usually are 300

rikinoki: Nice video. Isn't this the biopower?

Chris H.: Is 4wd, don't know if I missed that part. Or are they good in snow.

This Is Ade Brown: By the way, they were never Vauxhall Vectra level, they are BMW and Audi level, the convertible is even Competed with the mid range Mercedes Benz

This Is Ade Brown: I’m afraid that you are in correct with the fact that it is a Vauxhall Vectra, they had Vauxhall Vectra parts and minor accessories, one of the reasons why Saab was close down because they wouldn’t toe the line and do a simple body change.

If you watch top gear is feature on Saab when it closed down, they explain all

Lincolnshire car vids: they are cheap on insurance for first car in the uk while when I looked its £1.338 which is freakING CHEAPER THAN A MINI MAKES NO SENSE!!!

Copper-Brass: I have a 2005 SAAB 9-3 Linear

norbo002: I do love my saab. great reliability, great fun. but also: be aware if you want to keep your saab in a fine condition you might invest some money in it over the years. i personally do not mind, but just something to be aware of.

medler2110: I'd never been in a Saab or had any interest in them, then 2 years ago I was offered a 2004 9-5 Aero Sports Wagon for £600, it's now done over 150,000miles, it still solid, drive nicely, great on long runs and I don't know what makes me smile more, the acceleration or that I got all that car for £600.

Amadeo Miotto: I love my saab their so freaking sexy

Mercedes SLSAMG: Hey guys check this saab out...real good bang for buck on these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNmFg9LX94w

Frederik Tolstrup: The key was put in between the seats, not by the steering wheel, so that it is impossible to steal (or turn on without the key) .... Very smart!

t1mpetti: Funny how its badged as an Aero, even tho only estate Aeros were V6. And the bodykit gives it away, too.

john: My wife and I have two saabs. A 2008 and a 2009. Very nice cars. Great for cruising around. On the interstate, I can get up to 39 miles per gallon. Significant worse in the city. Wonderful cars for long trips as the seats are extremely supportive and comfortable. Just a note on winter weather. These things are a blast to drive in snow, etc. I would buy a third one if given the choice.

V6Power93: My dad has the exact same one only I live in the Netherlands.
My dad gave it a Hirsch tune with 310 Horse Power

Lex Buren: saabs are under-aprecciated. they are really good cars, especially for the money, you get alot of car for your money

tomas johansson: Back, is so sexy! Love it!

AndyTBO: The Key is down by the handbrake because if you crashed your knee would not be forced into the key

anarchisttomato: If you wanted to see what Saabs were about, you couldn't have picked a worse model - utter bollocks, that model of 9-3.
Owning A Saab 9-3, Used Car Review 5 out of 5

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NorzkenolZn: Subwoof is under The Chair :)
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Owning A Saab 9-3, Used Car Review