Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Review

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LifeOfLogan: 19:50 he called it

jstarwars360: 19:49 - Foreshadowing

StevieAF: These guys should be embarrassed looking back at this..

Darth Shaun: 19:50 harloff predicts the title of star wars VIII!!!!!!!

Tampa Movie Guy: There is a joy being demonstrating here that you can't fake. It is good to see.

Nick94956: I'm actually asking for people to respond to this. Is it possible to please the Star Wars fan base? You all say that the prequels didn't feel like Star Wars, but when JJ gives us a movie that feels like a classic Star Wars movie, you all crap on it worse than you did the prequels. I don't get it

IamXhedo: 19:40
Kinda threw me off hearing Kristian say "The last Jedi".

Paul McCormack: I really enjoyed this commentary I'm it about to turn 46, I'm lifetime fan, so hearing guys talk with such interest and passion about star wars really helps me feel not alone. LSO, hearing this review 16 months after the movie was released is LSO very interesting. Thanks for the movie commentary's, you have given me a new way to enjoy them which is great cause I'm sure I've seen each one thousands of times

bradpittsego: Christian said "the last Jedi" a year before the title was announced.

Finalman26 THA BULLZ: I liked rogue one better..why not hate on this movie like they did bvsS..stupid retarded marvel fans

Chris M: 38:35 - Snoke appeared only as a hologram in this particular film. In the next film, Snoke may very well be Andy Serkis in prosthetic, partial prosthetic/partial CGI or complete CGI (ala Gollum in LOTR).

Michael Lewis: The Force Awakens was ok. Rogue one was a better movie than the FA except for the music.

Dax Bradley: Finn: Leaves 1st order to avoid senseless killing; personally murders half a platoon of soldiers he literally grew up with escaping...

Aaron Morris: I really hope they don't go down the "wiped memory" road. That's a standard cop out after you've written yourself in to a corner.

shinra41: What if Rey is the emperors granddaughter ?

Zhaggysfaction: The Force Awakens is the only movie ever that I've wanted to go see again in the movies. I saw it 3 times. And on the second time, it's the only time I've ever cried in the theater. It was close with Return of the King, only my eyes got wet. But here an actual tear materialized on my cheek and that is rere. Only a handful of times has it happened when I've watched a movie home. And the point were I cried is at the end in the snowy forest when Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber is in the snow and Kylo tried to get it, can't, and then it flied to Rey's hand. Just that moment when the backround noice goes silent and just the music plays the skywalker theme, and the looks on both of'em faces are "oh crap". Maybe the fact that I knew it was coming had something to do with it but for me it was a powerful moment. (TBH I thought that at that moment Luke was get it and he'd kick some ass, but this was equally good.)

Caleb Bates: I'm surprised no one touched on Finn (Storm Trooper FN 2187) being force sensitive?
e.g 1.The scene on Takodana, outside Maz's castle before he is about to leave with the two aliens he hears the screams of people, and as he turns around sees the red commits heading for those planets. just like in a new hope when the death star fires at alderaan "i sense a disturbance in the force, its as if millions of people crying out in tears, suddenly silenced.

2. when Finn was a storm trooper and that scene when he decides not to kill anyone and stop working for the imperial empire his standing still and Kylo is heading back on board to ship, then suddenly stops and looks straight at finn as if he felt something the force! coming from finn... then a few scenes later Kylo is talking to Snoke. snoke says "there's been a disturbance in the force have you felt it'! and keep in mind Rey's "force" wasn't awaken until she touches the lightsaber later on in the movie!

these are just things i believe after watching the movie and watching some theories on youtube. let me know your thoughts

Carlos Rodriguez: Carrie Fisher is now one with the Force, and the Force is with her. She is stronger than we could ever imagine. Rest in peace, general.

Cody S: I thought Rey was a bit too perfect, not as bad as Poe dameron, but I think it's part of a larger issue of making things vague

Syzygy: I liked this movie, but there was way too much of the original trilogy homage/carbon copying in the movie. MOST of the movie was just that. The things that really worked for me - Kylo Ren's blatant unhinged-ness and struggle with the lightside as well as Finn's whole character (which are two sides of the same coin really) - were the only ones that fwlt comparatively new to the SW universe. Everything else just seemed like the creators were so petrified of coming within even a lightyear of being anything remotely like the prequels - which I totally understand obviously - that they basically just said - hey, lets just remake the original 3 in this movie with a few twists here and there. So I didnt really get anything new except the things I mentioned above. Now, don't get me wrong, swinging this far towards the originals and away from the prequels is way better than the opposite. But at the end of the day, that's all it is, so I cant give it credit for anything more.

- The humour didn't always work, esp. in the beginning but as it progressed on, it got better and better and more organic.

- I just didn't buy Rey's level of expertise. I agree that she may have been trained previously - and as Harloff says, probably was - but they didn't hint at it within the movie, its just something we have to retroactively think is the case. Its not inferred, its assumed. To me, there was no one moment where there was a hint implied of her recalling any such training or tapping into some hidden training that she may have forgotten. I didn't buy Luke getting as good as he did in Ep. 4 and 5 that fast, and I don't buy Rey being that good even more. Maybe in the upcoming movies, it gets explained well enough to buy it later when you watch Ep 7 again, but right now I can't give the movie credit for something that may happen in the future.

- I would also hate it if Rey is any kind of Skywalker. I don't even want her to be a descendant or Obi-wan or Qui-Gon etc. I would like it much more if she was just some kid who Luke was training and with whom the Force was strong. That's it. I agree with Campea that if shes a descendant of someone we know, esp. Luke, then the universe just shrinks. That said, I do buy that she's Obi-wan's grandkid, mainly because of the Obi-wan voice-over in this movie.

- I really want to see Kylo's turn - that's what I'm most excited to see and to see just how powerful he'll become.

- I really hope that there's no more stupid death stars in Eps 8 and 9. Enough already.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Review 5 out of 5

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LifeOfLogan: 19:50 he called it
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Review