Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Review

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The Rock: RIP JoN

janpunk24: Rip Jon

Main Man: So sad that all this excitement etc has all been crushed by Rians piece of crap TLJ


Joe S.: Watching this video now breaks my heart for these guys.
They were so optimistic and had some really great theories for Episode 8.

Sammy Mansfield: John Campea sucks.

Semere Tesfai: I miss this crew together
🍻 cheers

Central Star Wars: If you watch the the last jedi review now you see they are just sucking Disney's balls and any kind of crap they do

Abbey Kat: Watching this after seeing The Last Jedi is hilarious

David Searfoss: In the trailer for The Force Awakens we hear Luke says "The Force is strong in my family. I have it. My sister had it. My father had it, and now you have that power too." They left that out of the movie. Any ideas or thoughts anyone?

producedproductions: When harloff name drops The Last Jedi without even knowing it

John Smith: Watched this for the second time the other day. Not a huge SW fan, don't read the expanded stuff and don't give a crap about the mythology.. I enjoyed the movie. It was a fun action flick with some nice visuals and a great score. People take this crap waaaay to seriously

LifeOfLogan: 19:50 he called it

jstarwars360: 19:49 - Foreshadowing

StevieAF: These guys should be embarrassed looking back at this..

Shaun Ryer: 19:50 harloff predicts the title of star wars VIII!!!!!!!

Tampa Movie Guy: There is a joy being demonstrating here that you can't fake. It is good to see.

Nick94956: I'm actually asking for people to respond to this. Is it possible to please the Star Wars fan base? You all say that the prequels didn't feel like Star Wars, but when JJ gives us a movie that feels like a classic Star Wars movie, you all crap on it worse than you did the prequels. I don't get it

IamXhedo: 19:40
Kinda threw me off hearing Kristian say "The last Jedi".

Paul McCormack: I really enjoyed this commentary I'm it about to turn 46, I'm lifetime fan, so hearing guys talk with such interest and passion about star wars really helps me feel not alone. LSO, hearing this review 16 months after the movie was released is LSO very interesting. Thanks for the movie commentary's, you have given me a new way to enjoy them which is great cause I'm sure I've seen each one thousands of times

bradpittsego: Christian said "the last Jedi" a year before the title was announced.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Review 5 out of 5

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The Rock: RIP JoN
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Review