BFDI (Battle For Dream Island) Review

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BFDI (Battle For Dream Island) Review
BFDI (Battle For Dream Island) Review
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BFDI review
BFDI review

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Just Bluestick: Reviewing..


btw good review

Moon-Glow: IDFB 2 never came out. Sad.

Turtle: BFDI is good in my opinion, it was two 14 year old brothers with a passion. It started off with a series of comics called "Total Firey Island" and it was just a comic that they made for fun and the drawings were nice, it was clear to understand what was going on, the challenges were simple, it was just great. And the thing is overall, in BFDI, the characters are kinda one dimensional and are based on one certain trait, but in a way it divides them all up and it's easy to memorize everyone.

In reality TV shows like Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, there are big casts, therefore they must briefly explain their characters in small stereotypes, not super big storylines, mainly because Survivor has about like 16-20 contestants every season and all must get an equal amount of screentime.

The animation can be cheap and lazy at times, but think about it: For 14 year olds.. it's good! Also in my review I have to mention the interactive-ness, every vote counts, it's your choice, along with everybody else, you get to choose who's eliminated next, it's interactive and let's everyone have a go at choosing their favorite and least favorite characters. Although the animation seems a little lazy, the ideas were very original and nice. Like the time where they split into 3 teams and the winning team chooses one of the 2 most voted contestants fromt he losing team to move to their team, or when one team was twice the size of the other so they split them in half for a cool convenient trick, and lastly one of the best ideas is when players were rewarded points on how good they competed in challenges, with only a certain amount with the least points having to face the voting of the viewers.

Not only that, there were so many rejoins. 3 rejoins, 1 debut. The debut was the greatest, you could create a recommended character and they'd appear in the next episode with your name on it, and if yours is good enough, the creators let the viewers vote and your character has a chance of actually JOINING THE GAME! They were so motivated, that they spend so many time, 1 by 1 getting every file of every RC made and putting it in the video.

Sometimes the eliminated contestants will get to vote who they want out which is super cool, and with most object shows, they say "okay next video is coming out the next month" but then 8 months later it still hasn't came out yet. But with BFDI, there were no delays, and a video every month would come out.

Uncreative Drawings Twenty: I rated the BFDI series a 8.8/10. Also, can you review the BFB, the recent BFDI season.

Steven Franco: U suck I hate your voice..

Amanda Lovess: CONGRATS MOON! I'M YOUR 100TH SUB!!

Bubble122 For life: Hi.. do you watch the show PAW PATROL????!!! It's like the BEST freaking show in the freaking world!!!!!!!!!!!
Lmfao, I'm 11 I shouldn't be cursing.. JUST WATCH THE MOTHERfreakING SHOWWWWW!! :D :D

And2002 or Flip2050_2: I don't care for it anyways -_-

Sour Grapes: ur oc looks like circus baby

Gabriel7: i like it

MikeTheBrony334: I like bfdi too!

KrazyKream Official: 1,000,000,000,000/10

Samuel K: Hopefully the GoFags don't invade your channel's Fandom.

Scout75: 101/101
BFDI (Battle For Dream Island) Review 5 out of 5

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Just Bluestick: Reviewing..
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BFDI (Battle For Dream Island) Review