Assassin's Creed 3: Fanorona Expert (Win)

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Jaime Andrés Castro: Ac III's minigames are crap

Mr. Meme: Nice taking forever to move, for that good ad revenue everyone wants, an exact 10 minutes, so money hungry.

Crazydude99: i suck at the games xD all I've ever been slightly good at is checkers /draughts or bowls and even then I'm still bad xD with my skill I'll take ages to complete the thief challenge

Эдуард Масольд: ну ты тупой

Victor Valeron: what's the deal with this game anyway?!

Nexus .Gamer: Am I the only one that managed to beat it without looking at any vids?

TheFunkhouser: why do you take so long to move?

2B: Father Timothy. freak you.

Matthew Dorry: You're a freaking retard

Mariusz Łysik: I think if u standing on Red Cross lines u can attack all over if there is a room. If u standing in black circles u in defence and u can only attack vertical but not sure yet. Had play around 10 games and still not sure wot to mdo lol

Skylar Brown: THIS GAME freakING CHEATS!!! I had a move that I know I could have done but the damn game didn't give me the option to move there! freak THIS GAME! 

MrBipson: small things; but i love the ambient sounds (floorboards creaking, wind at the windows, the sound of the pieces) love the attention to detail in the AC games, for all their faults (eavesdropping missions, bugs etc) they are still some of the best examples of open world, even somewhat educational, gaming.

RikkuStarling: me: *makes move and removes like 4 stones in one go*
AI: Oh interesting move
AI: *slowly destroys me* 

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. As soon as you think it might go well, he'll freak you up -__-

smackedinthejaw: This is a ball ache of a mini-game. Your AI opponent is crap-hot and never makes a mistake, NEVER. Every time I think I have my opponent cornered he slowly takes me down even when I outnumber him freakin 3:1 on the board

Ruby Rowley: I'd love an actual Fanorona board to be honest 

Gloria Kim: o.o...

valetudomma: holy crap. have you prepubescents never seen a board game before?

der Dennis: what the freak is wrong with ai jumping like he wants? get the the freak out of here.

Jason Bourne: i can't win this

Gnabu: i love this.
Assassin's Creed 3: Fanorona Expert (Win) 5 out of 5

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Tyler Capellinil: DOUBLE BOOTD
Jaime Andrés Castro: Ac III's minigames are crap
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Assassin's Creed 3: Fanorona Expert (Win)