'Crimes Against Children' Unit Nabs Another Hypocrite Republican

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AmericanNohbuddy: Unfortunately regarding law there has to be a straightforward line you can not cross. So the age of consent is usually 18, 16 in some other states. Less in some other countries.

AmericanNohbuddy: A judge was just a quick example. It's not a perfect system and it's very complicated. Like an 18 year old being with a 17 year old is still technically illegal even though they are so close in age.

AmericanNohbuddy: Based on the individual? That would be a complete waste of time and resources. They aren't going to have every single person appear before a panel or judge to decide when you can get laid. Just deal with what states decide the law is. Teenagers will freak regardless.

Tensai55: As deplorable as the whole Wiener situation is, at least he didn't break any laws.

Caged: You need to learn better English. Read my comment again.

UniversalPotentate: Norms, Taboos and Protectionist instinct. These are 3 things I have absolutely never related to. These seem like expressions of emotion, not reason, as they will never allow for objective or factual measurement of the issue involved. We can somewhat measure norms and instincts. I'm thinking of how to tailor a presentation around this issue which rallies folks like us without raising too much negativity from the convincible Middle Ground.

Jeremy K: Simply it is a social norm, it is a taboo thing ingrained in people's mind the same way nudity is viewed as damaging or a sin in the eyes of most. The same reason why there are laws against being naked in public, even though at worst it is just visually inconvenient but causes zero objective harm. Secondly people are being protectionists, controlling of their children, I believe as an equal motive from its inception, parents don't gain from children at 16 taking risks, but their children do.

AmericanNohbuddy: It's understandable. But there should be a cut off at a certain age. It's not perfect.

RiC David: That definitely sounds like a wiser system and the premise being centred around harm is something that should be obvious yet has been lost along the journey.

tonkatoyman1: The day the "Young Turks" come out pro-life is the day I believe they give a D*** about children.

John Doe: Putting words in my mouth again, I see. No one says you must comply with laws you feel are unjust, but if you don't, you'd better be prepared to deal with the consequences. Doing what's necessary is never easy or without sacrifice - "not giving a freak, aka Magical Thinking is something people who never had to make those choices say.

streetmuggedbypolice: 16 year old girl? What age ya all allowed to do it in that there country a yores? Seems ta me if 16 is good enough for the rest a da free world it should be good enough for yo poor dumb amerikans.

RiC David: [P2/2] ..I've had sex and I'm not immune to its effects, I just care little for it. It can easily become a sort of vice which opens up the door for casual sex with unfit partners as well as heartbreak etc. - it's a world that I would say you don't necessarily want to get into at a young age but that's completely dependent on the individual, it's similar to soft drugs in that way. I just don't see that it warrants any sex prior to age 16 being deemed rape or abuse. What are your reasons against?

RiC David: [P1/2]Re: the last part, you state it as though it's fact but it's completely debatable. The AOC here is 16, other places it's 15 - I don't really want to get into a long debate about when sex stops being harmful but how can you say so authoratively that it's harmful at 14. You say with an adult as well - ruling out manipulation etc. why do you think the partner being an adult makes sex more harmful? Re: the asexual part, I don't think so because I'm not ignorant to the effects of sex..(ctd)..

UniversalPotentate: Yes! YES! Law is, in fact, black and white! That's the entire point of law! They are precise ordinances which are there to govern societal behavior, created by the Legislative Branch, enforced by the Executive Branch and interpreted by the Judicial Branch. Even though the Judicial Branch can interpret law, like you get 20 years in jail vs. 20 years community service, there's still a tight range of judgement. Are you confusing Law with Justice? What is NOT black and white about law to you?

UniversalPotentate: Pt 3 - Running longer than estimated It's the justice system's job to remain impartial. Having NO faith in our justice system, I think a change in legal thought is necessary. The notion of CRIME and PUNISHMENT is foolish. HARM and REMEDY is smart. Such a change in thought would remove ALL crime which caused no harm to others. Speeding, Drug use and Consensual Sex could not be prosecuted. Further if you caused harm to someone else, a proper remedy would be sought, not some barbaric punishment.

UniversalPotentate: Pt 2 With that out of my system (LOL) to your point ... The US currently has problems with youth rape in our juvenile detention centers. Legally caregiving should be a recruited job, not an applied for job. I believe this is true of ALL jobs which special authority is granted, like cops. I do believe that parents OR minors should report rape. It just seems that when parents do it, courts feel a need to punish the perpetrator instead of seek justice. ...

UniversalPotentate: Pt 1 I really dislike arbitrary set points. Don't freak under 16. Don't drive over 55. Don't drink under 21. I think the Supreme Court got abortion right "Don't abort after viability as determined by a doctor." Then people rushed in and said "Well, that's 24 weeks. Let's reduce it to 20 weeks!" NO! Ya jerks! It's viability. There are no WEEKS attached to that. Same with sex! I set it at "post-pubescence as determined by a professional." These arbitrary numbers piss me off more than anything.

wemetee: Is it possible, that since you describe yourself as asexual, that you don't understand the emotional, physical and psychological effects of sex? Particularly on people who are too young to necessarily understand everything that is going on inside of them? In any case, I hate to tell you but no 14 year old is ready for sex with an adult. Sorry.

RiC David: ..definitely think you have the right idea by saying "if there's reason to believe there was foulplay, investigate (as we do with adult rape)", I just don't know if there would be negative consequences whereby people who are abusing youths aren't found guilty. Defaulting to "he/she was raped" is definitely stupid. I believe Germany's law is that past 15 sex is deemed consensual unless reported as otherwise. That makes sense though the age is debatable as the 'awareness' of sex comes earlier.
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AmericanNohbuddy: Unfortunately regarding law there has to be a straightforward line you can not cross. So the age of consent is usually 18, 16 in some other states. Less in some other countries.
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'Crimes Against Children' Unit Nabs Another Hypocrite Republican