2008-2009 Oklahoma Sooners Football Montage

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drumminor: @jakewoodwvu7 How could you say a team that had 6 consecutive games scoring higher than 60 points. The biggest one completely shutting down the TTU Red roostersuckers and the other in Big XII Championship showing everybody how good the South plays. That is true talent right there.

Tide: We are the Champions ... Roll Tide Roll ...

soonermagic24: @Jwall7007 maybe he should move to union..

soonermagic24: @Jwall7007 how did he do against union in state?

soonermagic24: @Jwall7007 yea.. he is good..

Tide: We are the Champions ... Roll Tide Roll ...

Tide: We are the Champions ... Roll Tide Roll ...

holycowimtired: do you not get it?? we'll be the ones injuring your players kid. his name is ronnell lewis and he's a freshman

holycowimtired: your giving an empty point. ive seen wind. in case u didnt know, oklahoma is in the great plains where tornadoes are daily. oklahoma is used to wind man, thats why we're 60-2 at home games. and if we play byu again, we'll have our players back, and we'd slaughter them just like we'd slaughter you. getting cheapshotted is not an excuse for losing, its a fact.

holycowimtired: What a joker! Haha if forty five G's a year is big money to, then go for it. I'm not going to argue. But I'm committed to more money and definitely more than a little bachelor's degree like you. If you want to succeed nowadays, you'll need more than that. Whoregon state got their crap rocked man, how are you gonna say crap about Oklahoma winning? When OU lost to byu, we had an injured qb and an O-line out to injuries. Whats your excuse?

holycowimtired: Last time I checked, Northwestern grads were making a LOT more money than whoregon state grads. look at any college ranking bud, and you'll find your crapty school much lower than mine. and did your school win their bowl? Nope. at least Northwestern put up a fight; made it to overtime. And Oklahoma won. Now what crap are you gonna talk?

holycowimtired: dude when i say college rankings, i'm saying beyond football dumb freak. i'm saying education. look at you trying to make a point on making money

94jg: That was the only team/offense I have ever seen that could literally score at will. How that team didn't beat Florida is beyond me.

holycowimtired: hahaha oregon state blows more than oklahoma dumbass. I hope you enjoy your crapty little education at oregon state as bradford makes millions elsewhere.

holycowimtired: youre a piece of crap bakerskaterboy. i wanna see what the hell you do with your life compared to bradford

Sean Cantrell: OU rocks

stephaniepkab: @ CHAD32ELVIRA. shut up or go die in hell. whatever the fcken btch you are, you don't deserve to be born on this earthh , nonetheless born as the opposite gender.

Chad Stevens: OU sucks the coach sucks, stafford sucks he should of been born a girl. the whole state of oklahoma sucks, they dont even serve real beer. they are a disgrace to this country

Mike Wolf: Lack of Leadership Looses Game! Lack of Leadership: Sam Bradford; aka Mr. Heisman Winner: Where is the supposed Team Leader during the game? He was not at the sideline paying attention to the game Why is he not helping, supporting and guiding the young replacement who has to now lead his team in a must win game. Boo to Sam Bradford! You are not a Leader! You are Not a Team Player! You Do Not DESERVE the Honor of The Heisman Trophy!
2008-2009 Oklahoma Sooners Football Montage 5 out of 5

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2008-2009 Oklahoma Sooners Football Montage