New! Black Ops 2 Zombie Map 'Echelon' - Theory

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Ula Gaming: Rip

Captain Cheese680: I guess he was wrong

revivetheargoose: 0:00 this is how the earrape was born

The Vigilante69: lmaooo 2011

I didn't come up with any names so, fuck you: The most cancerous intro i have ever heard/seen

Shadowking58: I remember watching this before Moon came out... Echelon was the name of one of the escavators on Moon wasn't it?

Gipsar: who is watching this in 2017 XD

Xpert Killer: potato that's all I'm saying

the land shark: quality audio intro

Aaron Murphy: The mission is called revelations so is dlc 4 (I'm from the future)

Michael Deo: Who else is watching this in 2018

Nathan Mitchell: wait it's called revelations....spooky.

licoln tim: i remember watching this in 2011 rip lol

Seth Higgins: who else is watching in 2017?

Zack Lovelace: hi

MrZodiac011: Guys please, the missions Revelations and the map Revelations have nothing in common or anything to do with each other, it's just a word that means "The end" or whatever

Craig Wallace: it's been so long since 2011

Lootzuh: "Hello once again viewers, its me MrDalekJD" or "Hey everyone, it's me, MrDalekJD the Zombies Guy from YouTube" XD

Mingle Dingle: that audio doe

Faded Winds: Revelations EE Hype
New! Black Ops 2 Zombie Map "Echelon" - Theory 5 out of 5

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Ula Gaming: Rip
Babu Bird: super anna
jaagupcool6: tere millal uus video tuleb mulle väga meeldis see aga ei saa klikida selle next video peale sa nagu jamie is world
My Name: great!!!
Walter Alexis Montañez: Ayuda ........Buen dia amigo, ¿ donde puedo encontrar este virus? lo necesito para un desarrollo de un proyecto en la universidad
Bond James VII: I wouldn't mind moving some of those 32 bit instruments over.. problem is that all that IK multimedia crap doesn't even work properly in a live 8 at 32 bit.. so freak IK multimedia.
Scott Jacks: Hi, Really enjoyed video. I would like to be able to change the layers on my RD700NX under the one touch buttons and write them to that button without simply saving them as a live set. That would make the one touch button more usable and would expand my options. Is that possible. Scott

New! Black Ops 2 Zombie Map