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Андрей Капитонович: А я вот так решил проблему с поврежденным валом под сальник, дёшево и сердито. Работает.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zOeopwvizGA
4FunRC: Could you help me out on setting up Pixma MX 310 with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, running ver. 4.3 (I may be able to upgrade ver.)?
Any help, wired or wireless will be greatly appreciated. TIA!

Muhammet Karaca: 49. SANİYEDEKİ ŞEY NE AYAK
ПЕЧИ,КАМИНЫ,Барбекю в Краснодаре.89105415232: Эти угольники торчащие уже идут как брак в работе
Coogrrr Coogrrr: Neen watching SC and ZFF for years - gas is 8:1 compression Diesel is 18:1 maybe not exact but you see the difference. Now look at Hydrogen and it is 30:1 that is why diesels see better gains than regular gas motors. BUILD A HHO DIESEL motor from the ground up designed for the fuel and then it will be done. I need a model motor maker!!!!!
MastaX: damn its fast!!!
Devolution RC: +RC Aussie Outback Jack can you do this to yours???