Shakespeare Shylock David Suchet

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Shylock, Shakespeare, and the Jews: Anti-Semitism in the Merchant of Venice
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MrMjdc: Just Magnificent

peachie05: I prefer Adam Sandler's Shylock, personally. But this was good, too.

YELLOWER: doing this for english, smh

v.v vv: 👎👎👎

Ema Lumiére: Cool. I like it.

Jamie Lee: Pure Brilliance on the behalf of shakespear and this speech still applies to today in terms of racism of all its forms. I haven't read any of his plays yet but just this speech along proves that he is a pure genius

AntCotBoi: rain drop
drop top
m9 in the backpack of Shylock

Andrew Mann: Very Jewish kvetching, 88/14.

Woodsaras: Acting with intonations and voice tembre... <_<

Woodsaras: How is this amazing? Pure technique... <_< And weird mannerisims...

Nathaniel Fishburn: What they bring up in the full episode is, the difference was they didn't turn the speech into the classic "Humanitarian Plea" that other Shylocks tend to play. David isn't pleading for their compassion, he's leveling a threat.

Holly 12345: Stunning.

Simon Balfre: I must confess, that this performance by David Suchet is far better than that of Al Pacino, who in his turn rendered it with an intensity lacking in the performance of Orson Wells.

divusclaudius: David Suchet should become Sir David Suchet!!!

mjfreaklove: Pacino lacked something very important in that speech,something that David is always the best to deliver no matter what character he plays:PASSION.PURE PASSION.

BrBilal: I saw this prior to seeing Pacino's offering. After seeing this glimpse of Suchet's masterful Shylock ... I couldn't take Pacino's Shylock seriously.

PikeL: < ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
 ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
   ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
     >     ,ノ
doing this for english class

Ritwik Ojha: That was...awesome.

Ketston: Poirot what the hell are you doing?

MHcleorules: If I was Shylock,I be fighting back the tears of anger and frustration at this point,I don't think I'd be just plain angry.I'd be broken,furious,partially insane.Thats how I would play him.
Shakespeare Shylock David Suchet 5 out of 5

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MrMjdc: Just Magnificent
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Shakespeare Shylock David Suchet