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Natedog 210: This game is amazing fuk this review!!
Denille Johnson: Well... I'm black, and I'm darkskin and I personally think I don't look good in red lipstick... Is that bad?!?
Ryder_skates 11: First
Fogever: Este juego es una JOYA.
krromas1966: okay it isn't the oil supposed to be in the fuel of a two stroke engine did you blow it up
Bill Page: carmium it could of used the many workers ideas but hollow stairs is much easer even when he used to walk through solid steel wall live at chrysler hall in norfolk virgina to explaine and show how its gonna look for the Great Wall Of China CBS special ps your idea is one of the way that eric weis harry houdini done when there wasnt stage spring trap door or spring stage trap doors look up in alt.magic.secrets in google.com search engines look up dc secrets in a nutshell look up mitchell leary says bill page is the keeper of david copperfield illuson secrets if you can find him he will rock your world ps you could use shadow projector like i thought and herbeert l becker did cause thats the basic way to do shadow move ment escapes but copperfield used a look alike illusionist name christpher heart he tours and doubles in his illusions even the great wall of China he said on his own website plus copperfield illusion cool crew assitiants use white spandex sheet added on top realisting hands on top to give illusion each crew guy helpers holding on to the white sheet there holding up that way each have there other hand free for one to use face masked puching into sheet then other does the fake hands puching into sheet then sink back inward to give illusion he didnt quite make it through the other side of the Great Wall Of China and they drop sheet onto platform insuch away it hads thos prop hand and hands and mask face then they pretend to lissten in the china wall to give copperfield time to climp those stairs thenclimb the rope then get into hollow stairs to be put connected to nother look alike platform then the crew guys ull sheet framm down so to let copperfield get out of holow stairs then he watches his angles of the light beam then gives good realist shadow movement squezzeing out of the Great Wall of China cool illusion that they went through many differnt versoions until they were satasfied plus copperfield was glad to get it done cause he had a bought with diearea the ruins it said so in gennie magazine edward todor youtube.com cardflorish and cool your dad and you kodak magic time machine capsule he cares about your hobbies and takents and be part of it like my uncle dad marcel franklin page jr was ps he went to be with Jesus Christ Lord Saviour God a few days before Thanksgiving 2010 ps glad he was saved Amen he was a chef cook in the navy aircraft cariiers b=ship boats then restraunts and our church goodnewsbaptist.org once we got a new fellowship hall pastor walter coles asked my dad marcel franklin page Jr if he could put a new kitchen in the new fellow ship hall ps my dad was like a boy in a candy store cookie jar geting cookies out of the jar he put all new restraunt style ideas in the new kitchen area dish washer deep sing gas stove garbage disposal steam oven hes been wanting to do that when ward pastor mac palmer was pastor in 1980s cause at the time everything was electric even the stove my dads used to gas stoves but he learn to compensate the cooking on the elretic sove in 1980s ps my dad herd about rusty dilard astant pastor didnt make good tasting gravy so my dad said hey rusty yeah msarcel:) put your finger in this pan ok marcel then my dad said its offical its now rustys gravy:) eveyone liked rustys gravy from then on ps month or so rusty said folks to tell you the truth its not my gravy its really marcel pages:)
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Bernie Casey: I Hate this album

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