The Meg - Movie Review

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The Meg - Movie Review
The Meg - Movie Review
The Meg - Movie Review
The Meg - Movie Review
The Meg - Movie Review
The Meg - Movie Review
The Meg Movie Review
The Meg Movie Review
The Meg Movie Review
The Meg Movie Review

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Blue Milk: Shut up meg

J Easter: All I could think while watching this movie was another movie, named 'idiocracy'.
America is heading it's way for sure along with the Chinese.

Michael Billones: Believe me when I say, this movie is freaking Bad.

Really Bad

Robit Thapa: No matter what everyone says I love the meg...

Stephen Strickson: Worse film I've ever seen cgi was terrible

Syed Shah Nawaz Ali: This is one of those movies that is majorly targeted to Chinese audience who still consuming 90's type movies, not matured enough.

Anton Chigurh: One of the worst movies ever made. I was rooting for the shark every time hoping he'd eat all the swimmers at the beach, and glad to see the billionaire freakhead crap actor get eaten. Turtletaub should never direct another movie and bingbing the overacting china girl should stay in hong kong. Shame on you Jason wtf you have a gorgeous chic you could have stayed home and banged but you had to make this disaster of a disaster movie.

Dead Classic: Give it a B ? .. wow

Thomas Clowater: This should have been a hilariocity

Yux Ning: I might just watch jaws again after seeing this...this film was ok i guess...

joel sach: Its a fun movie .

antonio chicote: This movie was ehhh very far from entertaining, lost me at the part when Jason statham jumped like 10 feet out of the water to get away from the meg, yet u didn't think the predator wasn't entertaining, just think expectations to high

Granted: The Shark was the best actor.

Cretinous Jester: Some people I know didn't want to go see because of either the ton of bad shark films or they said it was a Jaws rip off. Everyone of them has changed their mind. The movie almost comes off to me as an homage to Jaws while keeping its own identity.

Eric Willis: Honestly this movie could have been great

DX5: Meg in China

id104335409: This movie is freaking atrocious

Gabriel Garibay: Fun...we had great fun. Entertaining. . Just what it is. The shark is great. Non pretentious. Great.

ChipChaz 12: freak you and your stupid B UNSUBSCIBE!!!

T!MEZ: I swear im grateful for a channel like this but it also sucks because of the brutally honest facts.
Takes away the excitement.
The Meg - Movie Review 5 out of 5

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Blue Milk: Shut up meg
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Benoni: This is so brilliant. I watch it over and over again. Craig is the greatest impersonator of all time.

The Meg - Movie Review