Blender 2.7 Tutorial #14 : Intro To Animation

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Vid World: Thanks for posting the video. Very much in very less time. To the point and concise. Bundles of thanks. Liked and Subbed.

Ravi Kumar Prajapat: you are bestest

Alien Soup: Thanks for being concise and to the point. You hit all the important points without wasting time or running off into tangent ideas. Just enough to allow a beginner to make things happen. I can spend hours fumbling through the interface and manual looking for a control or a command, and you reveal it right where it is needed.

Brian Zaikowski: Well spoken. Well done. Thank you!

Shinique04: Yay! Finally made it to an animation one. *Wipes sweat off of my forehead*

Intorsus Volo: After 10 years of college and 12 years of sifting for tutorials, yours are the best and the only way I could make anything happen in Blender. Thank you! (:

DKSA: Thank you so much for this!

GreenCraftYT: 9:57 relateable i do it all the time

MOLDA: why is my animations on 1 object making animated all objects

Tahariel's: Excellent tuto, very clear. Thanks!

dandymcgee: You have to change the interpolation mode of the leading key frame. You changed the third (last) key frame to linear, but forgot to change the second (middle) key frame's interpolation mode to linear. That's why it seemed to only change "half".

Kerr Beeldens: Good video as usual! Got a problem again (not really related to the video). I'm trying to make a pop-up like animation for text and repeat this a few times over. I figured out I could use actions to make this less of a grind, but the actions keep absolute coordinates, while I want relative coords. Is there a way to make that possible?


Uyen Duong: thank !!!

Doge: roses are red
violets are blue
there is no page
and it is true

T.S Buildings: Great introduction to animation helped me a lot however does the background stay grey or dose it change colour?

Vegan Jack Bauer: Hello, the interpolation does work! You have to select the 3 points (not just 1) of the Bezier curve, then change the mode to linear. You can select the 3 points at once using ctrl alt right click.
Great tutorials!

Quendle Kerk-A-Lurk: I had zero experience , now I am a changed person 😂😂

Lukong: I really wish you did a quick recap of everything you did (I understand you already taught us) so I decided to go back on Tutorials , but using the fastest way to do it.
I was having trouble applying the material to multiple meshes at once until I remembered learning Parent and Child realize to apply it the same way.
Shift + Click over multiple Materials then > Material > only the last Mesh chosen changes.

Dane Custance: Thanks great intro to animation.
Blender 2.7 Tutorial #14 : Intro to Animation 5 out of 5

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Vid World: Thanks for posting the video. Very much in very less time. To the point and concise. Bundles of thanks. Liked and Subbed.
Brian Wilbur: Never been a fan of Thomas or anything but I find your videos fascinating. You really are an expert on this subject! I have to say, that old track sounds wonderful. The new stuff is unfortunately a lot like the packaging you mentioned, and also a lot like many modern things in this world: Sterile. Look at the track: The old one is truly wooden. There are knots, inconsistencies, and it's beautiful, like real wood. That was the appeal of the product. That's why it smells like it was just cut. But the new one looks so...boring. It's very obviously manufactured. It's sterile. Too perfect. I don't like it. That's how I feel about the new Thomas Wood you talked about later on -- it looks totally sterile. The wood isn't even cut to shape anymore, basically any place that wasn't perfectly square, they just considered an "inefficiency" and so they just left it on the wood, totally uncut and unpainted. It's so stale and lazy. A synopsis of the problems plaguing 2010s society. I feel bad for you guys, your whole toy line was seriously ruined. I get why you are so bothered by it. Anyway, keep making cool videos brah.
fatalfury1994: About two controllers (2x arcade stick),it's difficult,on mame I need to switch with the dongle blutooth usb on the mame configuration to select the 2P controllers,layout ok,but when I return to game..only one controller..
That's sad...specially the dongle (on the mojo set up with wifi/blutooth ok without the usb dongle I can use the original paddle like a mouse).
She's close to the Nvidia Shield but less quality.
Maybe with an other os or rooted with hyperspin?
I also tried a double usb cable but...same problem,I cant use two controllers arcade stick.

Brian Russell: The Carvex took a little getting used to compared to a typical jigsaw. But it's worth it! It's the most innovative jig saw on the market today. Take a little time to make some practice cuts. Switch between strobe and regular light, confirm the blade adjustment is set properly, follow a straight line and make some lazy-s curves, get etc. get the feel of it in your hand. You'll enjoy it. Think of it this way, you don't hop in a Porsche and drive it perfectly the first time...well do you? The accessory kit is awesome and extends the usefulness and functionality as well, with the different bases including the angle/bevel cut base. I grab this jig for many cuts. It will be a go-to tool in your shop. Festool tools are expensive. No mincing words here. But so is that Porsche, or Mercedes, or BMW...
Hungry For Jesus TV: I have the survival pack
Mel Mys Tery: Mấy con xperia của sony màn hình đục đục sao ấy
Pranav Sandhu: I also have this gaming console, it is very fun to play with it.

Blender 2.7 Tutorial #14 : Intro to Animation