Best Search Engines - Top 10 List

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Best Search Engines - Top 10 List
Best Search Engines - Top 10 List
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Best Search Engine?

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mark velli: Yandex is best.

Kris Campbell: Perfect if you want your website to get more traffic and sales 👉🏽

Unknown Student: Very good video.. But according to me is the best search engine. Just check this. We all knew it..

Countdown top ten: where's baidu ???

Rithik Sajeev: The all time best is

CraftedWizardGirl: yahoo

CraftedWizardGirl: DuckDuckGo

Jack Salvatierra: qwant!!

Nilesh Borate: Hello My Friends
i want To Start A New search engines very user Friendly And Free for Indian user . And Bid To world All Search engines for eg . google , bing, Ask
Any idea thought Share With US.................

Himal Garg: google is having is 1 rank in every competition

Isabelle Hawkins: My top ten list for search engines---

1• Firefox
2• Firefox
3• Firefox
4• Firefox
5• Firefox
6• Firefox
7• Firefox
8• Firefox
9• Firefox
10• Google
Nine of those things I didn't see on here at all

Ss S: nice

whatayawant: I've been using and I'm happy with it,plus it's private.They even have a email service too.

Aldo R: Here is a more comprehensive list of best search engine:

Vegard Fjeldberg: No. What you have here, is the most popular search engines. Big difference.

Duckduckgo is my favourite engine. it is very easy to navigate, and I get relevant search results. There is allmost no ads, and it has some epic fast navigational tools.

For example, if I know the first link is the right link, I write:
and I will go straight to that site.
If I write
!wen nathan drake
I go straight to the english wikipedia site for the article about Nathan Drake.

I don't think google is a great search engine, but they have many fantastic tools. Such as, maps, translator, android, youtube and trends.

StalkerRapture: You didn't get gizoogle in it.

Allium: comment
Best Search Engines - Top 10 List 5 out of 5

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mark velli: Yandex is best.
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Best Search Engines - Top 10 List