Noiz Cosplay Makeup - ノイズコスプレメイク

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Coshouse Noiz cosplay review
Coshouse Noiz cosplay review
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Noiz | Tutorial : Anime Eye Makeup 150
Noiz Makeup Tutorial (Dramatical Murder Cosplay)
Noiz Makeup Tutorial (Dramatical Murder Cosplay)
Noiz - Cosplay Make-up Tutorial - Dramatical Murder
Noiz - Cosplay Make-up Tutorial - Dramatical Murder
Noiz Cosplay Costume (Unboxing) [[Dramatical Murder]]
Noiz Cosplay Costume (Unboxing) [[Dramatical Murder]]

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Lost Soul: your noiz is so perfect omg

Mollie Smith: Thank you so much, oh my God!
This is what I've been looking for for so long!

I just hope my parents don't search up what Noiz is from before I cosplay.....>~< 😂

Anyway, thank you! You're so talented!

monobae trash: THANKYOU!!!!

Natalia: omfg, this is by far the best cosplay i ever seen of Noiz, I actually scream "I freakING APPROVE THIS crap" and my mother was like "Wtf is wrong with this girl".
Jesus, you have such a talent, i wish i could do it just like that, it's look so easy but i guess it's not that easy i will try to do it anyway :v

Btw, sorry if my English is bad, I speak Spanish.

Sugar ✟ Clouds ༼* ಠェಠ ༽: 8 Koujaku's don't like this video (?) :c

TreborYl: yay loved it,awesome

LeloPerian: Where did you get the Piercings? Do u have a link for me?

xphantomvibes: for applying the fake piercings is spirit gum the best to use and is it easy to remove? Also would false eyelash glue work?

Angie Is a fag: where did you buy the cosplay??

ChubbieDollie: Hello! By any chance are you in California? I happened to see some Cosplayers who pointed out my cosplay on Halloween and they looked like you o.o they were dressed as Aoba and Noiz o.o please respond if you can ^.^ thx

Your Dad's Loli: that wink. i died 
(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

BiancasMakeNBake: I have tan colored skin and I'm cosplaying for Noiz, do I still use the same color of the cream or my skin tone? o.o please reply I'm desperate ^

Scarlet walker: in ya face asians this is poof right here westerns can cosplay :D
( not that i have anything against asians )

シAvion: how long did it take for you to get the wig? btw amazing Noiz cosplay~

Shion: Where did you get the hat? o:

Elliot Collins: omfg this looks incredible! 

NightcoreMokki: Where did you get the hat? did you make it? :o

galexy: You make a wicked Noiz! :) Excellent video! Gives me inspiration for my future Noiz cosplay.

LifeInJP: I..I love your cosplays so much..

Margot Carolina Gómez: Where did you get the hat? :o
Noiz Cosplay Makeup - ノイズコスプレメイク 5 out of 5

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Lost Soul: your noiz is so perfect omg
Cyberbrickmaster1986: We are entering a new generation of WarioWare!
Kevgamin G: I literally just looking at all the anime skins you posted on the channel XDD
Fish Kings Cutlery: Wonderful work! Any idea what the stock would be finished with after the wood burning?
Hilario Dionela: The only problem for me is that the chest is small and height is not accurate. That is why I chose to get the figure rise than this one.
daniela 1982: kaufe ein neuen traktor
metoolazy: Yes, but there are some codes and cheats that "remap" and lets you use the D-Pad to move the character. Very helpful imo.

Noiz Cosplay Makeup - ノイズコスプレメイク