Adobe Premiere CC 2014.2 Massive Bug Report Video! (part 2/2)

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Adobe Premiere CC 2014.2 massive bug report video! (part 2/2)
Adobe Premiere CC 2014.2 massive bug report video! (part 2/2)
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Benedek Fodor: Does it still crash all the time? :/
I hope not.

Taran Van Hemert: Wow, a lot of these have been fixed!!
And a few of them are still daily frustrations...

OliverObz: do you know a fix for a bug i have where the play button doesn't function at all, and when scrolling through timeline audio doesn't play, basicly i can't edit right now.

jones1351: Thank you for this video. Here we are over a year later with Premiere Pro CC 2015.3, which has been a disaster for me.
For about a year I was using PPCC2015.1 because newer versions just wouldn't function on my machine. Everything was 'fine' meaning it was more or less stable. Then 2 days ago 2015.3 struck and I haven't had a moments peace since.
I can't count how many times I've been told that I need more RAM or an updated CUDA etc, as if I have a few grand laying around just in case Adobe decides to 'update'. I'm assuming that your rig is a few steps more advanced than mine which says if you're having problems then it's not my rig, it's the program.
I'm not a software engineer (and I shouldn't have to be) just an end user for the past 30 years. I've never had a program behave this erratic (damn near psychotic).
Anyway I'm curious to know if you have any updates to this particular series.

stelio darkphotographer: i notice also 2 bugs , if i select a audio clp the wave form show only the furst time in the source monitor , if i want to re open it i nead to restart premirer , and i get a lot of non valid menu idem

Adam Haas: For BUG #3, hold CTRL while you are scrubbing. You can move quickly, but the numbers change slowly.

SomeNiceMovies: 1:15

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. This is the most annoying bug I've encountered so far. I don't use PP as advanced as you do (obviously). But I put in titles alot, and holy crap is this annoying.

Also (though not sure if this is a bug, probably isn't): I make gameplay video's, I record 10-11, maybe 12 clips per video. So when I go into premiere I drag and drop all the files I've recorded, I add one to the timeline, and as that is playing I put all of other clips in while I'm watching the introduction I made, then cut and refine as I go. But there's a problem, the player head wants all my attention, so when I go to the right where the playerhead isn't visible it shoots me back to the left where it is. Very annoying.

I cut midsentence quite a lot, since stuff isn't all that funny and I want things to be interesting and some what snappy. The freakING audio is horrible. I export as audio one time, add into audacity and remove some noise from my bad microphone, and then export and import to Premiere again and replace the audio there. There comes a "TIKITIKITIKI" sound when I cut midsentence (even though I've rendered the audio plenty). This only happens when I cut to no audio and not adding the next clip immediately (I have a black background as transition). I don't want to transition the sound to mute, because then people won't hear the last words I say in the clip. But the noise is horrible. I can make this problem disappear by muting the last 5 milliseconds of the clip (zooming waaay in, cutting it, muting it and then zoom waaaay out, repeat on the next clip). But it's way more annoying than it should be. This is definitely a bug. This is also probably the worst bug. Because I don't have a super computer. And it takes time to render stuff only to see (hear) that the audio is messed up. Then I have to check Premiere for the timestamps in which I have a transition, then use GOM to preview the exported file and then go over to the timestamps. Oh lord thank you for my dual monitor setup. This would take AGES without them. Still, annoying as freak.

Also, when I have a preset set as default still, and I click "Title, add, you know the drill" and I enter the text manager and start typing what I want it to say it doesn't type, instead it goes directly to shortcut mode instead of into typing mode. I think 0 people actually go in and fix all the things first, before typing.

Also a small little complaint: When I export the audio. It has a note that says it's exported from Adobe Premiere. Which is quite unprofessional for such an expensive software. Free ones doesn't even do that on default. At least none that I've used.

GeekaWhat: I get bug 12 ALL THE TIME

Boris: Hey, Taran. When I import .mp4 footage into premiere it unsyncs audio and video that's the case with .mov also but .avi works great without a problem. What can I do? I'm using CC 2015 BTW

Misael David: Did most of these bugs get fixed??

Apple Balkan: There's no errors like this on Mac...

Phil Cooper: Bug 14 I encounter a fair bit in CS6. Usually how I would fix this is by editing the project file in an XML editor, and rolling back the version number to Premiere CS5.5. Open and save it in 5.5 it works just fine.

Jonathan: Top half of this comment is partly a troll, so below the dotted lines is what I am actually doing about Adobe's current situation.

I see all these problems and as CS changed to CC I've found it difficult on a bad day for me to get work done in premiere. That's silly because to get work done shouldn't matter on whether I've been in a good or bad mood/my environmental stress - but the program has a lot of bugs. CC 2015 was a step in the right direction but I don't think we're there yet.
They should really be taking inspiration from After Effects and using it to clean the dirt bottom of Premiere before they bloat AE with the same issues that Premiere has.
I understand that bureaucracies are what they are - every organisation will have them - but millions of editors and digital "makers" are putting up with the mistakes of very few. Is it possible that the way feature and bug solving is improved? CC was supposed to mean faster patches for bugs - but the first CC update of 2015 completely stopped all my work; uninstalling my previous apps with a hidden checkbox to stop the update from doing so, and then being filled with rendering errors. I can't forget the issues present in that release.
I'm not panicked at all, if I have to change systems I have to change systems and it looks like AVID will be my next bet. It's just a shame that after effects is/was (CS5 was their best release considering time spent and usability - as well as stability; virtually 0 bugs) - I've just invested my knowledge in these programs and need the time to switch. I don't have any dedicated Adobe hardware thankfully.
It's a shame but I've put this on here so if anyone reads this they know where I am at with adobe and don't feel alone. It's strange - I would have been happy with CS5 for quite some time.

My mind is almost everywhere on this comment - maybe I am trying to touch on too many things at once. I'm glad my films don't turn out like this..

I think I might switch back to CS5 as I still have the license for it - for the time being - as at least it will be stable, and features are slightly less convoluted - and I can save my money for a nice dinner once a month - relieving any PTSD traumas induced by CC's workflow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Yes a lot of this comment was trolley and jokey. It's just taking a joking stab at adobe
In seriousness I'm getting an SSD and installing CS5 Production Premium to it because I have had enough, and CS5 - for me at least - is actually easier to use.

I know for a fact when Adobe wasn't feature cramming but was actually optimising software like it was a "system" and the CS package was an "ecosystem" cross-program integration was actually better. People didn't want dynamic link because a baked file was concrete and couldn't be lost the way it gets lost often with roundtrips through Speedgrade, Premiere, After Effects and the likes. It's like giving the user the opportunity to handle hypothetical files and then reproduce them in the final render/export - but the disk space in XML is still quite substantial and can often lag out a system; rendering the ease of use factor of Dynamic Links etc as more of a hinderance than an advantage.

CS5 had great "design". It was designed like a building of an intelligent architect.
CC looks like it is made out of HTML5 UI, which is distracting. The boundaries of what can and can't be done are clearly defined - this is great - because as user you don't want to be afraid to try a feature that claims to be working but is actually partly broken - at least in CS5 I wont waste my time doing that.

I'm really looking forward to the switch back, I actually think my productivity will double.
I'll come back to this comment in a months time and let everyone know how I've got on.

>>>>Good on you Taran for making do with what you've got. Maybe all your requests will make CC worth buying again!

MAMAs b0y: lol 7:24 "corsair h80 gtx all in one liquid sand cooling of your PC... to learn more"

patttpatttyoooo: Just use Sony Vegas Pro 13 ;)

jeff: Hey Taran, I genuinely enjoy your video presenting style, with regards to commentary. I would love if you could create a few basic premiere pro tutorial videos, as I have played around with it a little bit and dont know much, and would love to learn from LMG's best editor.

Childhood Archivist 'MSWindowsinside': This is why I use Sony Vegas, sure it has bugs too, but I rarely run into them.

Ajay Singh: +Taran Van Hemert I hate the bug #3

Kevin Monahan: How many of these things were fixed in CC 2015 (9.0)? I'm not seeing a lot of these bugs presently. Looking forward to your updated video.

TheMrFishnDucks: Really well made video. I hope they fix all these issues.
Adobe Premiere CC 2014.2 massive bug report video! (part 2/2) 5 out of 5

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Benedek Fodor: Does it still crash all the time? :/
I hope not.

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Adobe Premiere CC 2014.2 massive bug report video! (part 2/2)