January Wrap-Up!

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January Wrap Up [Part 1]

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One Directiøn at the Falling Disco in The 1975: THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE HOLY 😍

December Darnell: The purple/green/white books on the top right hand shelf..
What are they?

Jazebelle Ash: TEAM CHAOL!

imanasaurus rex: This is the first time I've seen the old cover of throne of glass. I'm just now reading throne of glass and the cover change is BEAUTIFUL. I COULD CRY EVERY TIME I LOOK AT THEM!!!

DirtyDozenzClash: Winger is the best book I've ever read.

Book nerd in love: how did you read throne of glass in one sitting? thats impressive.

sado woolcock: Read the Innocent Mage !!

Ally Cor: You made the throne of glass sound bad. But it's really good

Sumslife101: I've never read TFioS, but I'm now going to have to go out and buy this to read.

Ivory Book Covers: I just read the first chapter of Throne of Glass. I am very interested to see where this is going. Hopefully it is as good as all the hype. 

MagicOfBooks: Awesome wrap up! I've gotta read "TFIOS" before the movie comes out. I'd also love to read "Ocean at the End of the Lane" and "Throne of Glass" in the future as well.

MonsterBloodBooks: You seem to talk a lot slower than normal in this video. o;

Maria Valerio: I'm reading the faults in our stars

Kim Bruno: TFIOS = Amsterdam scene :)

MarieD: Your intro is a bit scary!

BeccaTheBookReviewer: I really want to read some of Neil Gailmans book and I really want to read Winger too! 

ReadingMissFroggy: I loved Throne of Glass so much, I need the third book asap! xD

Aurora Dimitre: Even now, months later after I've read it, I think of "that thing" that happens and I get a little teary eyed because wow "that thing" was really.

alley b: I read throne of glass and now I'm reading crown of midnight! <3 loved it!

bruinsfan1000able: Winger is pretty much the funniest book I've ever read

January Wrap-Up! 5 out of 5

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One Directiøn at the Falling Disco in The 1975: THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE HOLY 😍
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January Wrap-Up!