Gentoo Linux: Explained | Linux Distro Reviews

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Gentoo Linux: Explained   Linux Distro Reviews
Gentoo Linux: Explained Linux Distro Reviews
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[ENG] Gentoo #1 - Is Gentoo (Linux) for me?
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Gentoo in Review - My Desktop Layout
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What Is Gentoo Linux?
What Is Gentoo Linux?

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Pantsukampfwagen: Gentoofags are mentally ill

AspiePaul: damn, i was really hoping for 13 and a half minutes of rick astley...

Jimmy Jonsson: Clockwork video! I run my company entirely on Gentoo. It is the best development environment so far.

Steven: Me: Installs Gentoo. Finds out that stable packages are over a year old. Wants new packages. Changes system to unstable (unmasks packages.) Installs a freakton of apps. Configures many use flags because I don't know what the freak I want/need to configure. Compiles the "world" set (600 packages.) 9 hours later, compiler halts. The error message says "you misconfigured an obscure package, you stupid dumbfreaking goy." Changes some use flags and try again. 11 hours later, compilation stops and the compiler spits out 4 separate error messages. Scrolls back terminal just to see all of the errors. Wades through literally hundreds of log files just to find one of the errors. Finds the log file for the first error. Opens the log file and scrolls through hundreds of lines just to find the root of the first error. "A random file for this obscure package is missing. Good luck finding out why. Oh, and freak you." Thanks, portage. Welp. Looks like I wasted 20+ hours of my life configuring and compiling for no freaking reason AT ALL. Uninstalls Gentoo. Goes back to using Arch, where I don't need to care if my packages "support" Java or not. Oh, and installs take seconds, not hours.

wug: its gnu/linux or as i've recently taken to calling it gnu plus linux. i also accept liGNUx.

Dan Man: I can understand the enthusiasm for a clean system but as for spending weeks learning & optimizing to save miliseconds in load time doesn't seem rational to me.

Computer Nerd: I don't get how most of the Linux community believes in noobs distros. From my point of view systems like Ubuntu are more advanced then stuff like like Gentoo and Slack, unless you have a very specific reason to want to use these distros, why bother? In the end, Linux is Linux, they all use the same programs, functions the same just different commands under the hood. I believe the only thing that Linux needs to be perfect is a unified package management system. Maybe they can keep their systems but all migrate to a universal package system that all Distros can take from.

Đức Dynamo: I'm a newbie I want using gentoo it's right.

Jari Sipilainen: haha,but you can build that same kernel for every linux and you got axactly same. its same freaking kernel. isnt it?

Jari Sipilainen: and then you .sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome. LOL

ledzeppeman: honestly thought I was getting rick rolled.

masaki ishii: Would you please tell me the music which plays firstly 0:16 - 0:20?

YeOldeScience: My Brain hurts...

Deepak Surya: man we're missing your reviews

straylight08: I don't see the point spending hours/days/weeks freaking around compiling crap on a personal computer. I imagine it might be a lot more useful for setting up embedded systems though, where you'd want everything carefully optimised.

IaMaWeSoMe7478: My Reactions in the Video:

0:00-7:30 Really good and Informative
7:31-7:32 WTF
7:33-7:39 AH FUK MY EARZ
7:40-7:42 Now I can't hear crap
7:43-7:50 Now i really cant hear crap
7:50-Scared the crap out of me and WTF Editiing??
8:00-14:02 Great, Informative tutorial...


The Punk Programmer: why the freak you didn't use vim

legolas flamier: freaking /g/ays from 4chan keep spamming "download gentoo" this looks like a crap os

Gabe Gillespie: Nano on Gentoo? really?

why: WAIT, WHAT THE freak IS THIS? WHY AM I BEING RICKROLLED?!?!! oh inside joke ok lets continue
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Pantsukampfwagen: Gentoofags are mentally ill
Tristan Devlin: Oh, Jerry...
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dAiZ Sherby: It's meh....... As in the phone

Gentoo Linux: Explained | Linux Distro Reviews