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brett reynolds: nice one top vid
Shaina Saminathen: The my melody eraser is so cute
yuval goland: what an annoying review...
they dont pay attantion to the story or talk about it. it really upseted me how they said that they skiped a lot of the dialog, thats the point of the game. how it describes depression, sadness, lonliness and exyati. the way they just disrespect the game is just down right disgusting.
sorry for bad english.

Crying frank: I unironicly like THAT,the art in the first chapter may be cringe, but the story keep you stuck to the webcomic
RC Play Ground: Cool video~
Like~ ^_^b

Omer Chowdhury: honestly, I expected the build quality to be better.
Molly Kelly: tell me why this actually got me a B in my history exam 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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