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Msmemories2010: Do you have the recipe for the birthday cake?

Janice Ng: 個instyler幾寸架?

CHAR C: 眉gel 咩brand 好啊😍😍😍

Hannah Ho: 你支lip gloss色號錯左,我去揾過吾係你個隻色,其實係咩色?

rino918: 以後可以拍多d vlog 片就好啦! 一定日日追!😍太令女 唔追唔得 !

kyla wong: Charrie I love u😍

Scarlett Tse: Cherrie, 我想問下你個instyler 邊度買架?香港220V既電壓用到?定係要用個變壓器啊?thanks!

Yap Anna: 請問你的髮捲是多少cm的?

Fredfred717: Cherrie 呢對鞋佢係邊到買?

Kayley Chan: 請問一下果間係咩餐廳? 好唔好味呀食物?

Mandy Fung: 間日本野好正啊cherry😍叫咩名啊

Elaine Yang: You guys are so sweet! Love ur make up as well!

chin wai Yuen: 著你呢d上衣 入面要著咩bar

Rachel Ying: 你男朋友有啲似謝霆鋒😂

Ziyin Mai: 可唔可以讲下卷发器牌子呀

KYsdiaryxi: Hi!我最近開咗一個youtube channel叫(KaiyanHuang_),咁我希望可以得到你嘅support同可以去睇下我啲片喇!

rita chan: 唔係光圈呀嘛?係iso, 光圈係較景深咖喎好似

ho sindy: 你把聲好好聽

Jess Lee: Your bf is so cute and you guys look so cute together :)))))

Mei Lui: 個蛋糕點整?
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Msmemories2010: Do you have the recipe for the birthday cake?
Семен Семенович: надо будет себе такую прикупить
HPofNARNIA: Why isn't there any music?
tt43: молодца
Cassini: Ну и где видео? Полтора года все устанавливаете?
z man: Hay flushed my heater core 3 times I got about a shot glass of crap out of it the 3rd time nothing came out.anyway the heat would be hot and warm as I drove it.was driving me nuts.i watched your video and I did it and it worked I have constant hot air flow. For the first time in two years.thank you

Cherrie's Daily~ 約會妝容❤️男朋友生日篇