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Msmemories2010: Do you have the recipe for the birthday cake?

Janice Ng: 個instyler幾寸架?

CHAR C: 眉gel 咩brand 好啊😍😍😍

Hannah Ho: 你支lip gloss色號錯左,我去揾過吾係你個隻色,其實係咩色?

rino918: 以後可以拍多d vlog 片就好啦! 一定日日追!😍太令女 唔追唔得 !

kyla wong: Charrie I love u😍

Meimei Tse: Cherrie, 我想問下你個instyler 邊度買架?香港220V既電壓用到?定係要用個變壓器啊?thanks!

Yap Anna: 請問你的髮捲是多少cm的?

Fredfred717: Cherrie 呢對鞋佢係邊到買?

Poki Chan: 請問一下果間係咩餐廳? 好唔好味呀食物?

Mandy Fung: 間日本野好正啊cherry😍叫咩名啊

Elaine Yang: You guys are so sweet! Love ur make up as well!

chin wai Yuen: 著你呢d上衣 入面要著咩bar

Rachel Ying: 你男朋友有啲似謝霆鋒😂

Ziyin Mai: 可唔可以讲下卷发器牌子呀

KYsdiary_xi: Hi!我最近開咗一個youtube channel叫(KaiyanHuang_),咁我希望可以得到你嘅support同可以去睇下我啲片喇!

rita chan: 唔係光圈呀嘛?係iso, 光圈係較景深咖喎好似

ho sindy: 你把聲好好聽

Jessica Leigh: Your bf is so cute and you guys look so cute together :)))))

Mei Lui: 個蛋糕點整?
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itsmeJamie- Lynn: And I thought I had a lot of makeup
Khamilo DAB: oye en creativo me lo da pero en supervivencia no me permite hacer el crafteo
Msmemories2010: Do you have the recipe for the birthday cake?
SotoGun: i am not sure about the distance that you're standing because your darts are landing weird
MidnightStar _: will it work for fortnite???
Поварёнок: Раньше когда смотрел, не заметил, сейчас пресмотрел, и услышал звук из песни нас не догонят 1:06 - 1:07 Берите и наслаждайтесь)
Francisco Figueiredo: Where is de rudder?
Do not have the source, has a choice, and electric motor can also be an option, the data comes from the manufacturer that can take electric motor, up to how many pounds because in Portugal to fish in the sea, it is necessary, vessel registration, which should contain the data of the manufacturer, serial number, purchase invoice, the data must contain the manufacturer whether or not to take the electric motor, it will be possible, if so, what is the price of this model to be shipped to Portugal, sorry all these questions but liked to buy here samba a model of kayak to give me to fish both in the sea, rivers and lakes, which gave me all the comfort both in rowing or motor for my fishing is essential to bass fish a little but in the sea and river, and the videos I've seen this model is excellent for what I need, because it seems to me that has all the comfort sitting and standing, thank you and my apologies for so many questions

Cherrie's Daily~ 約會妝容❤️男朋友生日篇