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Alex Carter kasongo: I've got a uj6400 75inch and I'm not happy with the image quality, somebody please help me
Masterge77: I remember reading about this on the TF Wiki years ago, and I'd like to say that for anyone who hates the live-action movies, this will make them appreciate them A LOT more.
Ronto: Thats the one i use
Masn Steve: I own this car, traded it for a Bmw, I love this car
Stephan McCann: I need new tires on my gs 700. If you are that poor with the music, what would it say about the tires? Don't speak because I wouldn't listen. With that music you must be an idiot anyway.
Darius Clark: what was the bow you where shooting with?
TheTapeQueen: Hi, I'm a new subbie. I love your ATCs. They're awesome! I don't see the link for the ATC group you mentioned. could you please give me the link when you get a chance? Blessings, Shell

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