How To Travel With A Brompton Bicycle On An Airplane

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How to travel with a Brompton bicycle on an airplane
How to travel with a Brompton bicycle on an airplane
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How I pack my Brompton for air travel
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Packing a Brompton for Shipping on Airplane Without Official Bag (Total Cost $10 !)
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jbath302: What about the pink tag?

brimstone33: SIGH. I HATE to be the party pooper here, but what you are doing is wrong. I empathize with you, I really do, as a fellow folder traveler who has been lugging bikes onto planes for a long time, possibly since before you were born. First of all I know of NO airlines that still allow two full size carry-ons. Back in the day, maybe. But today you are allowed, at most, ONE carry-on which fits in the overhead compartment and one "personal item" which is supposed to fit completely under the seat in front of you. If you have flown nearly as often as you seem to have then you MUST know this as the flight attendants are required to state this as part of their safety briefing. That "T-bag" is twice as big as would fit under even the largest seat space. So you are putting it in the overhead compartment too, aren't you Matt? Thus depriving another traveler of the space they paid for. Perhaps even forcing THEM to have to check their legitimately sized carry-on. Until about 15 years ago most flights allowed two checked bags for free. Then things got really tight and they started charging more and more for checked bags, and more people started lugging on bigger and bigger carry-ons until we have the state of things today. This has prompted airlines to crack down on and reduce allowances for cabin luggage. The folded Brompton does not meet even the most liberal carry-on size allowance, much less the "standard" size of 22"x9"x14", even if it does fit in some overhead bins. It does so by taking up someone else's space. It REALLY irks me when I see some asshole carrying a huge bag on larger than allowed size. Yeah they often get away with it, just like people get away with speeding and cheating on their taxes but it is wrong and it hurts all of us. I wish there was a legitimate way to do what you're getting away with but I have looked at this for many years and there's just not. I did find your video well made and informative, though, thank you for sharing.

X X: Great and very helpful. Thanks from Austria. Cheers, Helmut

Angela Sim: Thanks for the helpful video nice to see how you can travel with the Brompton!

Himal Jeemi: How much prices.....?

Necro: Too much work, why not just get the hard travel case and check it in.

kierenkd: I was going to comment about .tyre pressure but it seems you accounted for everything. Good job. Keen to hear how people get on in London / Europe, I suspect the seat post would be an issue of contention

Oliver Stanton: Incredibly good presentation (quite frankly, I don't think it could be any better and I am in the communication industry). I may not have enough courage to take the bike on the plane but you have certainly made me give it some serious thought. Kind regards and wishing you future safe travel!

Go MGTOW: DEFINITELY get a HARD-SHELL suitcase specifically sized for your Brompton folding bike, otherwise the Attendant at check-in will see that there is a bicycle in a soft-sided bag and will charge you $150 for checking-in a bicycle. Plus; the hard shell will prevent handling damage to your rather EXPENSIVE ($2,000 +) bicycle, and you don't want that. In Canada, any wheeled vehicle, be it bike, baby carriage, or wheel chair, has to be checked in. They cannot be carried onto the airplane.

Explore By Pedalling: great but why bother taking the seat off. no need

PAUL GDX: A great video! Appreciate! Clever!

nick sim: Beware of the front wheel skids!

Laurentius Soepomo: awesome

James Langford: Very cool! I want to travel from Europe to the States and back with my Brompton, but I have a couple of questions:

1. Since most airlines only allow you to carry on one piece of luggage, how can you get on on the place with both the Brompton and the T-bag?

2. I've bought my tickets, but it doesn't say on my e-tickets what kind of airplane I'll be flying on. Is there any way of finding out in advance?

Thanks again for this fine video.

veffari: THAT. Was informative, thank you sir!

Fazurin Jamaludin: This is awesome! Thanks for this video.

Isaac Senderov: Shalom aleichem, Matt! I want to do the same with my Bike Friday Pakit. Will I be able to do that? When it's folded it slightly longer (30"x17.75"x12.25"). Thanks

80MileKyle: you can put the case on the rack

massoud999 مسعود מסעוד: Shkoyach Matt

Explore By Pedalling: great stuff
How to travel with a Brompton bicycle on an airplane 5 out of 5

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How to travel with a Brompton bicycle on an airplane