Eighth Grade - Doug Reviews

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Eighth Grade - Movie Review
Eighth Grade - Movie Review
‘Eighth Grade’ Movie REVIEW!
‘Eighth Grade’ Movie REVIEW!
Eighth Grade (Review)
Eighth Grade (Review)
Eighth Grade - Doug Reviews
Eighth Grade - Doug Reviews
Why Eighth Grade Works
Why Eighth Grade Works

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Blade Runner: If you were to look up 'waffling' in the dictionary they would use Doug Reviews as an example of it.

Christine: Honestly I was the awkwardest quietest kid in middle school I hated it lol I moved around a lot too I went from having a lot of friends and being sociable to being the kid that goes to the library because I had no friends lmao thinking about middle school makes me shudder

pgplasys 775: I’m a freshman right now and I agree about that 8th sucked ass

Bruno Delmastro: I disagree with Doug on the "hitting" scene.
True, the guy tried a very awkward move, but that's was the point.
Wasn't just a "boy trying to make out with a girl" but a very insecure boy trying to do it in his own awkward, insecure way, is pretty crystal clear from the context.
And, yes, I saw even WORSE "strategies" at that age (I knew a girl that LITERALLY pretended to, I am dead freaking serious, fall asleep to then "sexually assault" the boy "in her sleep"), I found that scene totally believable.

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio: 17:39-17:51 tell that to Mara Wilson XD

Brotherman Bill: MOVIE FOR NORMIES

Janine: I watched this to help me figure out if I should watch it and I still don't know

Crooked cat: My worst experiences 7th-8th grade, I didn't know how mean some students could be, I just remember a lot of the days crying home from school.

Lucy Gault: ways eighth grade

CreamyCreamBo7: The car scene is, unfortunately, EXACTLY what MODERN youth is like

CreamyCreamBo7: The best thing about the film is that Kayla's problem isn't just solved at the end. The film ends on a small glimpse of hope for the future.

offkey.nationalanthem: I can't wait for this film to get a UK release!

Roblox rapbattle god furry Nigel thornberry vegan: In the trailer where she said Gucci I slowly realized why we should use protection

Sandstorm: It’s funny to look back on middle school from high school and college. You remember how when you were that age you thought you were all that but once you get older you cringe when you think about that line of thinking, "Did I really act like that?" It gets better along the way, middle school sucks

Conner Fields: You should review the Netflix movie, The Polka King with Jack Black.

DingleBungus: This was a weird review.

Conti Music: Quite nice, would you consider using my music for free? Keep up the good work!

Ryan's Channel: Thumbs up if you saw the mosquito in the review.

Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg: NOPE nope nopetynope nopely nope-nope dances away from reliving 8th grade

very ok person: I just finished eighth grade (the grade) so a big group of us just went and saw the movie. All of us had very different experiences that year but we all loved it. The theater was empty besides us so we openly cringed and laughed and cried
Eighth Grade - Doug Reviews 5 out of 5

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Blade Runner: If you were to look up 'waffling' in the dictionary they would use Doug Reviews as an example of it.
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