New Gear: The Boreal Shirt

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O-I-C-U disolve: I saw a video on how wool is harvest from those poor sheep and how those sheep are treated, I just don't want to wear wool anymore.

rich: I own a few wool garments and they keep me very warm but without adequate ventilation it is a sweat box when working.The last jacket i purchased has heavy duty zippers for shedding it off whenever the need arises.The pant is wool also with the same zippers and snaps to button the flaps over the zipper.They are double layered at the knee and thigh area for durability with buttons everywhere.The pant best resembles army pants in style,and they are very warm but i have to shuck them off also if I go indoors for an extended period of time.

Joseph Saetveit: I like your video very much but my very first thought was, " Can't use the hood with that hat." I've got some parkas with nice hoods and some nice wide-brim hats but I can't mix the two.

BdogFinal14: You've sold me. I'm also 6'7" and finding quality wool outdoor gear has been a major challenge. Is your's a custom fit or off the rack?

GreManOwaR: i really don`t make it a habit to comment bad on videos, but if you dont know what you are talking about at least dont give advices, be responsible ...a 16 years old might listen to you, we always cut a tree low, safety reasons. Dont take my words for it search and learn... mors kochanski has a nice video and alot of expirience. go check him out. 

TJack Survival: One of the most awesome anoraks on the market. 

rstevewarmorycom: The word is BOH-REE-ALL, it refers to the northern variety of evergreen forests found in Canada. A boreal forest is the kind of forest found in the north.

Whiskey River: I've been avoiding this garment for a few years now, entirely due to the cost. But I think this is my year. I have a few wool shirts from Filson which are nearly as expensive, and you just can't beat the warmth and durability of that material. I believe this is the same Boreal shirt that is sold through Lester River Outfitters; yup, I think it is my year. Bring it on Old Man Winter!!!!

4570levergun: I have their Arctic Anorak and I love it. Ive been lusting after the Boreal shirt for a while. It will be on my list of next winter that is for sure!

GunznGear: Yeah, I realized that I was actually spending more money over time by buying cheap gear, and having to continue to replace it. The guy I spoke with at Empire was a genuine good fella. I hope you like your overshirt as much as I do mine. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the sub, and the support!!

northof50now: Very nice job on the review. I just received mine. My ordering experience was as yours. Being difficult to fit my whole life, I was worried about spending the money on something that wouldn't fit. But, like you, gave the my measurements and got the same, "no problem." Just as you state, about 2 months to deliver...and worth the wait. I subbed your channel. Like you, I've also "made do" most of my life. I think, at a certain age, you just begin to realize you're worth the investment.

GunznGear: It was custom made for me. The sleeve length is perfect for me. Give them a call

trextrextrex: What size is yours? Or is it custom made for you? I happen to be 6' 7" as well. The arms look like they could be a tad longer. hard to tell in the video

GunznGear: The low hanging branches are not nearly as rough as the door ways and ceiling fans!! LOL

OzarkWanderer: i have a similar over shirt and love it. but dang brother at 6-7 your a foot taller than me. good trails and watch those low branches.

GunznGear: Wool has never bothered me. I've worn it for a lot of years at work, and camping/hunting etc. Thanks

Oleathlaobhair: Good Vid!! Do you find that the parts of the garment that touch skin to be itchy or irritable?

GunznGear: Wow, sorry I missed this comment. Thank you for stopping by my vid. I really like my Boreal shirt, and thanks for getting it to me before I left for my trip.

theelmokiller: Beautiful shirt, may look at getting one.

suburban sentinel: That seems about perfect for Spring and Fall. My heavy Winter coat is unbearably hot above 20 degrees but I tend to like it warm. Thanks for the reply.
New Gear: The Boreal Shirt 5 out of 5

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O-I-C-U disolve: I saw a video on how wool is harvest from those poor sheep and how those sheep are treated, I just don't want to wear wool anymore.
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New Gear: The Boreal Shirt