Honda 350 Fourtrax 4x4 In The River

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Honda 350 fourtrax 4x4 in the river
Honda 350 fourtrax 4x4 in the river
ATV Swamp Thing - '86 Honda TRX 350 Fourtrax In The Snow
ATV Swamp Thing - '86 Honda TRX 350 Fourtrax In The Snow
2001 honda fourtrax 350 review
2001 honda fourtrax 350 review
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Honda fourtrax Es 350 offroad run
Honda Fourtrax 350 4X4
Honda Fourtrax 350 4X4

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James Perrin: k

James Perrin: tes chenseux davoir un 4 roue dememe mon pere en avait un dememe mees il a arete de marcher moi je men cherche un son fort en caliss ses 4 roue la nice video

GusgusA1: Mine is missing the same plastic lol

mikey boland: This video made me have seconds thoughts on taking mine to mud fest.

llaw31: getting mad at the bike yet got the original tires on it from 1986 haha

llaw31: feel bad for that transmission....

aD Stamina: u guys got crap tires just saying

Frankb1927: You'll be poison soon

Justin Rakes: wow what a moron, all honda semi automatic utilities have sl

drake nowlan: honda the best

Stef descoteaux: juste une suggestion, si taime pas mes vids chum, regarde les pas. chfais des vids pour le fun jai pas besoin quelquin come toi qui vien disser tout le monde si ses juste sa ta a faire dans ta vie so un autre mot pour quoi jai dit, ferme ta coliss de gueule

maxime Dubois: tu suce big ter pas fait pour avoir un 4 roue en plus ton chum fait honte a canam

Stef descoteaux: because there is 2 pipe that comes out from air box

BassTracker85: why do you have 2 snorkles?

cuban571: how the fck do u pop a wheelie on them i got a 3004x4. its got 5speed.

thepunkaddict: honda forever baby

Dylan Mccutcheon: what all did you have to waterproof though, or just snorkle? i have a 01 trx350 4x4 and was wondering im thinking about putting one on mine i tend to go through alot of water were i ride.

guylain bertrand: jai un honda fortrax mes ak des tire char lol

cody: awsome video that 86 honda is the first machine with 4 wheel drive great machines , if you have a chance check out some of my videos thanks!

Boober: I have this beast, one owner since 1985 its hard to get it stuck lol
Honda 350 fourtrax 4x4 in the river 5 out of 5

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Honda 350 fourtrax 4x4 in the river