Green Opinel N 7 Inox First Impressions

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EDCListDotCom: Now I have to get one of every size, and now in EVERY colour! The green looks great.

S E Lyfe: awesome vid, love that blade

motorbikesrule125: i need to get hold of 1 of them

Chain AZ: @knifenutification tanks :)

Chain AZ: @racerx32 tanks :) i will get 1 more in the future

Chain AZ: @ndcouey70 :) tanks, i really like it

Chain AZ: @ER720 :) they are very cheep, i used as an EDC today and i will use it more times

Chain AZ: @Ramble96 tanks :)

Chain AZ: @LMarshall32 tanks bro :)

Chain AZ: @freddiemjames stainless , here the humidity will destroy the carbon steel

Santino gabriele: sweet blade

racerx32: Good stuff! I love Opinel. Thanks for showing.

Neil Couey: Really good to see Opinel get some loving. They are great knives.

ER720: i am going to have to get one of those !!

LMarshall32: Very excellent video and even cooler knife!!! Thank you for putting the effort in, I would LOVE to see the review!

Freddie James: itst it carbon steel?

MPSecare: @chainheart3 Ah! that is very cool, I'm not a fan of liner locks! That is why my big time user folder is mini griptillian because of the axis lock. thx for the cool info!

Chain AZ: @MPSecare the opinel was made in 1890 still today has the same design! the weigh is 36 Grams. to lock just turn the metal part in the top to the right, it's an old faction lock, but it really works to 100% it wont fail like some liner locks :), just an awesome classic

MPSecare: how much does it weigh? And I can't figure out how you close it? wheres the lock? \m/
green opinel nº 7 Inox first impressions 5 out of 5

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Kelly M: This was my favorite video of back carry!!!
EDCListDotCom: Now I have to get one of every size, and now in EVERY colour! The green looks great.
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Afredor: any idea how i can find 5.4 gears?
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DJ Leduc: I cannot stand the main squeeze tea either!! Such a weird flavour

green opinel nº 7 Inox  first impressions