Jordan Belfort: I Won't Live My Life In Shame

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really really: Fake news !!!

kv 93: Piers is a kitty

Melvin Arnold: No wonder cnn fired this motherfreaker , he steady telling you yeah he feel bad, he pressuring him to give an statement more than he’s giving and then saying he’s a cop-out just cause he hasn’t seen his victims , it ain’t mandatory to see his victims, he did time in prison, he had to pay over 110 million back and moved on with his life 🤷🏽‍♂️ piers Morgan a whole bitch

Lewis Burton: I admire this guys selling skills, but don't get it twisted what he did to people was utterly disgusting point blank and I hope he is truly truly remorseful. I hope his victims were able to bounce back and recover from the atrocities Jordan committed against them.

gardensofthegods: I can't believe how many people defend this creep and they eat up his lies... they don't question anything he says... they don't do any research ... they are so totally brainwashed it's incredible

gardensofthegods: He should die of spontaneous combustion where his pants just burst into flames

gardensofthegods: To those in awe of him, to those admirers of this slimy snake :
What if it was your life savings that had been stolen and not paid back or your parents or your grandparents ?
As of May 2018 he still hasn't paid off his victims and many of them were actually not rich and worked hard all their life for everything that he took... what the hell is wrong with you psychophants.

Nikunjesh Gupta: you give millions of dollars to a person on a phone call. you cannot be cured


Varun Narain: Piers is a cunt. He's such a provocative little crap. Jordan is quite wise so he's not playing Piers' game of guilt tripping the person. Seriously, freak Piers Morgan.

Antonio Tedesco: He's so full of crap

Alex Chase: Piers Morgan is trash

Fushion: He's a sociopath. In a way he is able to talk about how bad his mistakes are because it's a way to make himself look better and at the same time brag how he's so wise now. Think about it the guy managed to come from nothing to a multimillionaire from scamming people. He is who he is down to his core. He will never be able to change that and wouldn't truly want to either. He's proud of what he did. It's like OJ Simpson writing a book about his murders. What he did is impressive but he's a bad guy. He made a living off of basically making people believe he was a good guy and on their side that's a big reason why people would trust all their money to him. He's still doing it to this day just on a smaller scale.

T Man: Piers would LOVE to have Belfort's victim on the show with Jordan. It would be a regular Jerry Springer hr.

Cleo L: Jordan Belfort is a slimy scam artist who is still conning guillable fools ( judging from the comment section) into believing he is reformed and now a decent guy. Utter bullcrap. He is hiding money from his victims in off shore accounts they can't touch. Piece of crap. And so are those who defend him.

Marcelo Souza: Piers Morgan is a huge cunt!

Being sarokris: Jordan is a sweetheart...

civilhand: piers morgan is a cvnt

Declan Lune: Belfort is a good man, Piers Morgan is just a pickle. Jordan is being honest and Piers morgan is fighting him every step of the way.

michael Jacobs: piers Morgan is the only interviewer who stuck it on him who challenged him
Jordan Belfort: I won't live my life in shame 5 out of 5

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really really: Fake news !!!
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Brennan Cain: So the writer from transformers, is going to write dumbo? This movie is freak.

Jordan Belfort: I won't live my life in shame