VW Turbo Kit Bug

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VW turbo kit bug
VW turbo kit bug
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David Lee: And the price for this kit is?

Pierre Du Plessis: does your kits also fit a 1300cc motor? does the kit use a charge cooler? most of my friends either run turbo motors and most are 1600 dual ports.

Casey Scarberry: Can you get this with an e-85 setup????

LowBugget VW: so cool to see this, I have so many customers that really use their kits and have for years and only wish that the critics can talk to them!! with the high temp area the extra cooling is a must!! keep on having fun in your turbo beast and I'll talk to u in 7 more years!!!

Darrin Stafford: Hi A J, How are you mate? I just wanted to comment on this turbo kit that your describing right now on youtube. It has been now 7 years since I purchased the kit from you that you are now describing and let me tell your viewers out their that it is still going very strong. I don't have any problems at all, I did get a turbo blanket for it to cut down the heat a little bit from the turbo and I don't have any heating issues at all, although i have 2 oil coolers underneath the car. I live in the tropics of Australia where the temperature gets to 40 degrees Celsius in summer and the oil temperature just gets to 55 degrees Celsius now that's bloody good. Anyway take care.

Peter Gonzales: Hello sir how much is the complete turbo kit

leandro5999: What carb is that?

gerardo nicolas guerrero iñiguez: And which would fuel efficiency?

gerardo nicolas guerrero iñiguez: I don´t know very well the system but i´m interested in the kit. My question is if this kit could be installed in a bug that is not modify?, i mean the motor of my bug is original without any modifications.

LowBugget VW: Hi Paul, check out the web site for all our pricing and more info, picks etc. Have Fun!!!!

Paul Parks: How much Is a smaller kit

Paul Parks: How much Is a smaller kit

Austin Jones: Would this generate lots of heat?

Austin Branca: Hey! i have a 68 vw baja and im concidering youre turbocharger kit. is there any risk with installing the turbocharger? i mean im concerned about extreme overheating. and also, will i have to be running premium or race grade fuel in it? please get back to me im very interested!

brendan dwyer: Hi. You mentioned on your website that you have free shipping. is that within the US only??

Diego Cervera: Do you guys ship to México?

nicky reynolds: over 2000 dollars for a turbo kit D:

Kyle Fegley: Will this kit work for a lowered 65 VW bus? how far below the oil pan does the exhaust hang down?

defstar Phillips: I would luv to have this setup under my deck lid,do you have one

LowBugget VW: VWTurboKits. dot com
VW turbo kit bug 5 out of 5

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David Lee: And the price for this kit is?
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VW turbo kit bug