Chris Costa Salient Arms International By DEFCON

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Clayton Elness: the shell to the lense transition.....👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Jesse Haglin: Prob had a snap cap in his mag at a random spot to practice immediate action.

caster cyrus: What mod u did sir to reduce the recoil of that shotgun??thanks

Pistol Panda: Some of the crap this guy does is ridiculous. So many people buy into his freaking theatrics

Pistol Panda: freak SALIENT go AGENCY ARMS

Sleepo Beepo: People give him crap, but he handled that malfunction like a boss I'll give him that.

Ian Turner: Jacked up on gun smoke again. Lol

Al Sharpton: I wonder if they used 'Salient Arms' gold utensils in the Coast Guard chow halls.

topdogred: I just got hard.

Muhammad Abdullah: this man is a machine 

Pedro Gonzalez: There's only 4 type of malfunctions. Failure to feed. Stove pipe double feed. Failure to go into battery. And that didn't happen here at all. I'm sore more then likely it was the ammunition. The firearm seemed to be running through rounds just fine. The magazine was clearly in. Ejecting properly and no double feed. Quick rack and bang

egruter89: i wonder if costa used any of those tactics when he was in afganistan and iraq?.... oh wait he's never even been in a conflict let alone a real military branch 

小林ジョン: とてもかっこいい!!!!cool !!!

xx xx: なぜカメラマンは、

pizzaHunter: my shoulder hurts

hiyumami gamer: Perfect

Juan Ulysses: "over Costa. boring" says the person watching the video and taking time to comment

SPN82: One failure and the internet goes nuts...

Jeremy Mass: Pretty awesome the shells hitting the camera

mikerj13: Dat light strike doe lol
Chris Costa Salient Arms International by DEFCON 5 out of 5

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Clayton Elness: the shell to the lense transition.....👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Ayka Soleil: ne soglasna :) etot aromat derjitsa na moem svitore uje 2nedeli :D on ochen bogatiy i stoykiy ♥ k tomu je sogrevaet sladkim aromatom...jalko k nam ne dostavlaut elle box(
Davideo: 2.44 mm is a tiny bit less than a tenth of an inch. Nowhere near a quarter inch.
Dominik: How do I turn off the sound when you unlock the screen?
It is annoying...

Tuong Long: Centrix was so popular before because of old feature and now it is removed and not much of players join anymore :( (Even staffs - Not all)
Анна Шери: Подскажите пожалуйста стоит ли оно того? ...думаю поставить а не могу найти нормального отзыва замера скорости ускорения!!!
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Chris Costa Salient Arms International  by DEFCON