Understanding Flea And Tick Control

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Understanding Flea and Tick Control
Understanding Flea and Tick Control
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Elizabeth Binkley: Dog

Elizabeth Binkley: I'm here for my dig

Betty Matt: Ride out ypur strom

MarrY pOppins: She had her hair like not tied I would put on a shower cap. Image those bastards jumping into my hair while removing them from my dog 😨 great informative video 👌

oshun: "Why do these things even exist???"

I'm pretty sure that's the exactly how other animals feel about us. We're their parasites

iAmMikecool: Fleas are reason why I hate cats! Well maybe I don't hate cats, I hate crapty cat owners.

GabePlays: I guess you could say they have puts on sunglasses dark necessities

Eman_Playz: Why the hell do any of these freaking bad things exist

Mohamed Unoos: thats why I don't want pets 😭😂

MooMooCutie22: I think my dog has got tick and he's only

Claudine D: when i watched that i got itchy with no fleas and ticks

Grammar Policr: freak this crap I'm showering everyday now

BlessThisHouse: remember people to clean the bedding and carpets well , and hoover daily!

kimberly bruce: freak those motherfreakers why was it a good freaking idea to make these things ugly motherfreakers

Deandre Gadson: Go to my PAGE on how GETS RID OF THEM IN 8 HOURS

Ani Okies: For flea bites
I took a nice hot bath or as warm as I could it with a bar of unscented soap like dial or maybe Irish spring soap looked like Irish spring. I soaked for about 45 mine yes to an hour at least. I did scratch them but I did not rip them to a wound either just to open the cells. And YES ITCH FREE ! But those bumps have to soak. And before bed I spray my bed and sheets with 1 part apple cider vinegar regular and 2 parts water and 10 drops Oil of Oregano I did not use essential oregano oil but Oil of Oregano the oral kind and essential cedar oil enough to give a nice cedar scent or so it don't smell much like vinegar. I have had no bites for the last 3-4 days. I will see how long this lasts. Do a search for salt kills fleas and the larvae and eggs. Diametric earth (not sure how to spell it) I seen a video here on Youtube food grade I think is safe for pets Spread it on your carpets for so many hours kills the fleas. REMEMBER OTHERS SPREAD THE WORD

The Pomp King: also don't swallow these suckers u get worms

Hardcore Blaze Omega: how much live the adulte stage of ticks? can he get in the humain anus and how much time can he rest?

Edubey Diaz: 8000 eggs! what😱

Dee S: we have massive parasites in my hood!
Understanding Flea and Tick Control 5 out of 5

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Elizabeth Binkley: Dog
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Understanding Flea and Tick Control