Understanding Flea And Tick Control

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Understanding Flea and Tick Control
Understanding Flea and Tick Control
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snow flower: my baby had a terrible flea allergy two weeks ago. but she's treated now :)

SCP-096 : The Shy Guy: As a vegan, I approve of killing fleas and ticks. They cause misery and harm to pets so... ACCEPTED!

Chris Robinson: If you want a natural solution they are safer for your dog, but only best for repelling, not killing, flea collars containing essential oils are nice. I use Furzy flea collars for my dog. But make sure you also use a good shampoo and if you already have fleas, and get a carpet treatment! Boric acid can help dry out the eggs.

Hemant Sharma: Suddenly I'm itchy

Jay Starz: Why doesn’t god get rid off fleas and ticks forever

COC Wizards: Wtf already im getting freaked up by itching and i watch this

ワカマンWAKAMAN: Flea is a really good bass player.

Jc Benavidez: Ive got a lot of reddish form in my skin and its so itchy ...

Jc Benavidez: Those bites me and its so itchy...and forms reddish on my skin... What should i do?

HUGE VIRGIN69: crap now feel itchy i freakin hate my life now

Melody: my house is so full of fleas and my cat died of anemia due to the fleas sos

Michael Jackson & Knuckles: ticks move slowly and are easy to take out


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Freya Plays: Imagine these but huge.

The Canine Nutritionist: Although I encourage nonlethal methods of insect control whenever possible, I realize that lethal methods sometimes must be used to combat insects, just as lethal means must sometimes be used to defend ourselves against animals and humans who attack us. In the case of a flea or tick problem, while it is necessary to eliminate the insects in order to protect your companion animal from resulting problems such as flea dermatitis or tick-borne diseases once there is an infestation, the best approach is prevention.

To that end, the best long-term preventive is an insect growth regulator called Precor. This flea hormone will cause sterility in the offspring of any flea that touches it, so spray it every four months on your carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery (but never on your animals!).

The next line of defense is a healthy coat. Fleas prefer flaking, raw, itchy skin because their role in nature is to “take out” the unhealthy animals. To produce a flea-resistant coat in your dog or cat, add flaxseed oil and calcium ascorbate powder (buffered vitamin C) to the animal’s food. B-complex vitamins are also extremely helpful to the condition of the skin. Garlic is a natural flea repellant when added to your animal’s food, and black walnut capsules given as a supplement repel fleas as well. Additionally, a diet rich in fresh, whole foods and low in processed foods and additives will also contribute to the health of your animal’s coat.

Effective flea control programs employ a multifaceted approach. Flea-combing every day is very effective and helps you to keep tabs on the flea population. It also offers immediate relief from itching. Vacuum rugs and furniture daily, if necessary, during flea season. Flea eggs can be picked up by vacuuming but can still hatch in the bag, which should be sealed and thrown away or put in the freezer after each cleaning. For a flea infestation, sprinkle carpets with diatomaceous earth (a powder composed of the fossilized remains of one-celled algae), leave it down overnight, then vacuum it up. This will kill most fleas.

Avoid chemical powders, sprays, or flea collars. These toxic products can be very dangerous—many animals and people have been poisoned or killed by them. Never overdose an animal with a product, mix products (collar, dip, powder), or use a flea control product intended for a dog on a cat, a very small dog, or any other animal.

Albatros Roger: Lollolol

Saliha Nuzhat: What fleas and ticks are:
freaking cancer

Elver’s boi: I drown fleas in hot water

Angie Is A Buttnugget: Who else got itchy watching this and easily got paranoid

AriannaLynn: I’m disgusted
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snow flower: my baby had a terrible flea allergy two weeks ago. but she's treated now :)
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Understanding Flea and Tick Control