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Naveek Darkroom: Because PAL region box art.
Kookanuq: Extreme heat and bushfires. Seems to happen every year unfortunately. What makes it worse is all the eucalyptus trees that fuel the fires with their oil content :(
estrellafrancia: Ya me copie la receta, esta muy facil. Justo tengo queso Philadelfia que encontre en BOGO en el super. Gracias Juanita, se ve delicioso ese flan..Saludos. Carmen Ortz
Im not from Belgium: For some reason the game says I didn't collect 1 of the perfum/bottle shaped memories. I watched this video but I'm pretty sure that I collected all of these... Maybe because I died and the autosave was before I picked it up!?
Erik Dean: Hello, Future Guy here: Do you recommend the Type 1 or Type 2? Does the type 2 have better lenses/a better build, or should I just stick with the Type 1?
mohamed ayman: التليفون دا يقدر يشغل لعبه ببجر اتمني الرد
thomas barkoski: The way she says "proof" is amazing

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