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ฟ้า ประธาน: ชอบบบ
DrewMario1306: Spiny Desert (Mario Party 3) is very Nostalgic to me, probably one of my favorite Mario Party boards ever. I'm 5' 11" by the way.
Stick Man: cool
Justin Anderson: Is this a YZ490 head? If so, do you have any of these that you'd like to sell with the squish modified to fix the jetting? that's all I'm after. I can even trade you the unmodified head I have for one that is modified. I'd also be interested in the high compression, I'd be a bit leery if it causes problems like overheating and more pinging though. If you can, email me at Justinsavs@gmail.com
Joshua Roilo: anong default gateway ang gagamitin ko?
fernanda: genio
Ben Smukler: I keep returning to this video, year after year. It is one of the best ones Leica has produced.

Finding my first Trident