Iron Man 2: The Video Game War Machine Trailer

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John von Shepard: I WAS HERE!!

dallen33: *Arkham City.

Animeality: Damn. I'm one computer-savvy two-year old.

Animeality: crap, I need to... I need to go find a scientist. I may be the smartest two-year old in the world!

RedlineDrifts: Your parents made you 2 years ago..

Animeality: The comment was made 2 years ago.

RedlineDrifts: arkham city...helllooo

Michael Lu: I wonder why he's still using the Mark IV when this game takes place after the second movie.

Rougamaru: to be honest, I don't like extremis so much anymore. and yes, bleeding edge IS cooler. and superior as well.

Vince Lumontad: War Machine got a lot of sweet guns!

angel07p: 314 people bought this game

totallynoob96: Game sucks Graphics sucks Story not bad THIS GAME SUCKS!!!

AgentCarver: Why can't a great game studio make a spin-off game on Iron Man, like what Rocksteady did with Batman: Arkham Asylum?

TheManfromNibiru: Thats exactly what im looking for ! were can i get one?

Flimjab Squarmbis: I bet it blows balls.

US Debt Crisis: @Myro117 wrong, Hulk Ultimate Destruction was pretty good too. Plus that spider man game made in the n64/ps1 era by activision.

shylockagain: I'm sorry, but Marvel games suck ass SO BAD... Outdated graphics to the absurd. It looks like a PS1 game during the cinematics. During gameplay its just pathetic. I can't believe they're selling such a crappy piece of software. Also gameplay is as bad as it can be... Iron Man games could be THE crap, but this seems to be a terrible (and sad) joke... Why, Marvel? WHYYYY!!!!!????

Connor Hickling: @TheDarkusMasquerade well if you play movie based video games they usually put more villians in the games

Neilll: wtf in the game theres a guy named ultimo but i nthe movie he isnt there

Linc: War machines original trust colour is red not blue! D:
Iron Man 2: The Video Game War Machine Trailer 5 out of 5

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John von Shepard: I WAS HERE!!
Jojo C: I'm a college student and I found this very interesting and helpful. Thanks girl!
Uriy Petroff: Poleznye tovary или другие кто купил этот девайс.
Убедительная просьба ,выложите драйвер от этого вентилятора ! 5 лайков и подписок гарантирую. 8-)

MXREWIND: what a sick cunt
santosh Cheepuru: tolllywood different movie Vijay devarakonda awesome performance
Shadow Doom: Im working there rn and After watching this I hope Im like YOU and not bitch about some job! Never Give Up. smh ! 🙃
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Iron Man 2: The Video Game War Machine Trailer