Yazmo Train Case Review

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Yazmo Train Case Review
Yazmo Train Case Review
Review: Purple Yazmo Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case
Review: Purple Yazmo Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case
Review yazmo.com seya train case
Review yazmo.com seya train case
Yazmo Train Case Review
Yazmo Train Case Review

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isd880: How Heavy is it ?

Leola Gamble: I purchased the silver dotted one, and I love it. 

misshb100: do the trays open out full? can u see everythng in dem?

misshb100: hey..what are the dimensions of the inside compartment when case is closed? wud it fit a bhcosmetics 120 palette? (9" X 6")

Laura Martinez: thank you :)

Amy Brook: lovin the train case it is epic :) keep it up

Laura Martinez: Glad you like it :) I will check out your video :)

New Creation: i actually love it! its the best thing to have if you are a professional or just want to organize ur makeup ..check out my review i did on my channel..its my only video right now lol

New Creation: check out my review of the one i purchased off of Amazon, I couldnt wait for Yazmo n e more b/c the one i wanted was out of stock for so long and they did not follow up with me like they said..so i went elsewhere and I am happy with my purchase!

Laura Martinez: how do you like the casE?

New Creation: i waited and waited for the case i wanted from yazmo.com to become available b/c it was sold out but i couldnt wait any longer so i got pretty much the same one i wanted off Amazon...CHECK IT OUT!

BLUEST BUNNI: BEWARE OF YAZMO(SEYA)!! Placed my 1st order month's ago & there were scratches & DIRT all over it. The quality of the case was nice but I just couldn't get over how they could ship it in that condition. I contacted them about returning it & they want me to pay a RESTOCKING fee even though their website CLEARLY states that damaged items will be fully refunded. This item should not be restocked. They have ignored all emails/calls & have not refunded me anything & I returned the item weeks ago

Laura Martinez: @bubbles7j thanks for watching love :) when i first saw this case i thought it would be too small, but I'm glad I made this purchase because it fits everything i need it to and more :)

Jacqueline Gasper: So I just wanted to say hi. I'm a new subscriber, yay! So glad I found this video. The case that I want is out of stock right now but its okay, I will wait for this amazing case. It's big enough to fit my makeup with plenty off room left over for new purhases ; ) thanx for this video.

Laura Martinez: @ladylucke09 glad you liked the video and found it helpful doll :)

Erica Messias: I am soo thankful for this video! I just ordered the TS-23, something about it seemed too small. I saw yours and all that you put it in and just called and cancelled and ordered this. Thank you!!!

Laura Martinez: @ari5016 glad you enjoyed the video doll!

Laura Martinez: @rach28ify laguna bronzer doll :)

Laura Martinez: @Vanessa95076 im glad you like the video doll!!! makeup is my guilty pleasure too! xoxo

Laura Martinez: @kaurgurjit i wouldnt recommend this train case if you are on foot or traveling by public transportation only because its not lightweight especially with makeup in it... I haven't had any issues with makeup breaking when on the trolly.
Yazmo Train Case Review 5 out of 5

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isd880: How Heavy is it ?
Nuffly 893: What is the other games name
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Yazmo Train Case Review