Amanda Knox Documentary - Sex, Lies And The Murder Of Meredith Kercher (2008)

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candy lion: I think that all the people that believed this sick twisted story should be rounded up and branded. Only sexual deviants and predators would think this was a believable story. So gross.

ron russo: imo...Rudy Guede was the murderer....& Amanda Knox was the "smoke screen"...

paxwallacejazz: The degree of irrationality present in these comments is truly frightening. Like the mob of pitchfork weilding villagers ready to burn a witch at the stake.

paxwallacejazz: You can't superimpose your ideas of proper societally acceptable behaviour as evidence in a murder investigation. Only in Italy. I lived there 10 yrs.

Leti Lom: Amanda is guilty!!!

Madalyn86 Madalyn86: I used 2 follow this case.. What do U think, is Amanda Knox 100% innocent in that case? I mean, the Supreme Court of Italy even said she is innocent and how the Italian police screwed that case, but I don't know 4 sure.. She said in the Netflix documentary that there R 2 categories of people: those who think she did it and who think she's innocent, no in between..well, I'm kinda in between, LOL.. ("just 2 troll her some more", U know..) No DNA of Amanda in the room where Meredith was murdered, which is pretty important. But the 1 thing that I can't shake off is how she admitted that she used 2 smoke marijuana in that period, along with Raffaele Solecito, her Italian boyfriend, and I believe when drugs R involved, even marijuana, people R capable of anything. Especially if she/they also consumed alcohol mixed with marijuana.. And her attitude back then..that's what got her in jail 4 those 4 years, 'cuz she lied on more than 1 occasion and so did Raffaele: he claimed at first that Amanda was in his house all night, then he said she got out around 1 AM. I don't care how much pressure would police put on me, I would NEVER admit 2 lies if I'd ever find myself in such a position, I'd only tell the truth. If U have nothing 2 hide, Y would U lie? + that thing Amanda did when she was shown the knives from Raffaele's kitchen she started 2 scream and hit her ears with her hands.. I mean..if I were with the police and saw that, I would also believe she must've been involved in the murder. + how she did cartwheels and stretching exercises in the police station on a few occasions while she was there..who the hell does that? I know this is not evidence, but U gotta understand the detectives' points of view, all of that made her look suspicious. And again, Y lie about the black guy, the owner of that pub, Y claim he did it when he didn't? She said it was because of pressure from the police..again, I would NEVER try 2 put the blame on an innocent person, I'd never make stuff up in such a situation, I don't care how much pressure they'd put on me, even if they'd slap me over the head, like they did 2 Amanda(this I believe it happened, the police cand B very agressive often times ; but still, a few slaps won't make me give false statements, I would've just cursed them, maybe spit them, tell the guys that hit me 2 stop or just get out of the interrogation room if they didn't have anything on me, maybe with the promise 2 come back and answer some more questions in another day, when they wouldn't hit me anymore, since I'd have nothing 2 hide, since I'd be innocent, like Amanda claims she was/is). Also I should write about how on the knife that the Italian police said it was the murder weapon it was found the DNA of Amanda and that of the victim, Meredith Kercher. Later it was found inconclusive due to possible contamination. But one of the arguments of Amanda's team against the knife being the murder weapon was the fact that Meredith DNA on it was too little.. Like an Italian prosecutor said: indeed the DNA of Meredith was in small quantity, but it was still present, they were able to locate it.. Then again, who knows..if that was the murder weapon, why the hell would she/they have brought it back to the house of Raffaele, why not they didn't threw that away somewhere.. + the DNA of Amanda could've gotten there from handling of it when preparing something to eat and the DNA of Meredith..perhaps Amanda touched something in her house that had Meredith's DNA on it and later transferred it into the knife.. And like Amanda said: what's more likely, that she ordered Raffaele and the black guy to rape and then murder Meredith, like the Italian police argued, or that the black guy, already a convicted felon, raped and murdered Meredith by himself, since in Meredith's room was almost only his DNA(and DNA of Raffaele on the bra of Meredith, later found to be contamination from mishandeling of evidence by police).

Malgorzata Oziomek: Nice, it is close to my face now ¿? Ie. Dumped in Criminology, no stress lol I don't like colour itself same as the rest of crap too. Thank you.

my playlist shows why men are rejecting marriage: Italian men are highly sexed; the prosecution all come from a such a culture, getting off on fantasising about a sex-crime.
Check out Italian TV, many negligee shots and teens' bare boobs.
Be a feminist and encounter fury. The misogony is rife.

Alessia DC: Amanda is guilty!!!!!!

Lady London: 4.50 Bet Meredith's family wouldn't be happy to hear this man say Meredith participated in 'group sex' & something went wrong. How dare he defame her character - when there's no evidence she would've participated in this type of activity.

Wenbo Woodcarver: Rich Yankees can do whatever they want. If you are unhappy about this, kill them before they get their always lying lawyers, or go freak yourself.

908FE: Conclusion: As soon as 2025, Rudy will be free to stab the next Meredith.

Mrfairchap: Knox as guilty as hell, surely everyone can see that? Doing cartwheels in the police station just after her best friend had been horribly murdered? Innocent people just do NOT do that!

Ron La Manna: It was Bobo Bubalak  that did it...or you smoke to much you drink to much you explode in purgia...

Ludivine REYNAUD: This documentary is not bad. However, it only deals with part of the evidence against Knox and Sollecito. I do agree that the case may not have meet the reasonable double standard. However, they were strong pieces of evidence aside from the kitchen knife and the bra clasp.
Here is my view on the case :

safia khan: Amanda is the killer no doubt about that

Dimitroula K.: Amanda is definitely guilty. This is an individual with a very dark side. You can see it in her eyes.

Chan Ken: All three are released.

Naoam Reyes: when you are stressed, depressed and any kind of ess. or like sad and stuff of course we seek someones comfort. and for me it would be okay to kiss my boyfriend or hug him and whatever goddamn comfortness i can give. if thats weird wow, i dont know whys that weird. the only mistake they had was raff lied.
Amanda Knox Documentary - Sex, Lies and the Murder of Meredith Kercher (2008) 5 out of 5

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Amanda Knox Documentary - Sex, Lies and the Murder of Meredith Kercher (2008)