Amanda Knox Documentary - Sex, Lies And The Murder Of Meredith Kercher (2008)

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Malgorzata Oziomek: Nice, it is close to my face now ¿? Ie. Dumped in Criminology, no stress lol I don't like colour itself same as the rest of crap too. Thank you.

my playlist shows why men are rejecting marriage: Italian men are highly sexed; the prosecution all come from a such a culture, getting off on fantasising about a sex-crime.
Check out Italian TV, many negligee shots and teens' bare boobs.
Be a feminist and encounter fury. The misogony is rife.

Alessia DC: Amanda is guilty!!!!!!

Lady London: 4.50 Bet Meredith's family wouldn't be happy to hear this man say Meredith participated in 'group sex' & something went wrong. How dare he defame her character - when there's no evidence she would've participated in this type of activity.

Wenbo Woodcarver: Rich Yankees can do whatever they want. If you are unhappy about this, kill them before they get their always lying lawyers, or go freak yourself.

908FE: Conclusion: As soon as 2025, Rudy will be free to stab the next Meredith.

Mrfairchap: Knox as guilty as hell, surely everyone can see that? Doing cartwheels in the police station just after her best friend had been horribly murdered? Innocent people just do NOT do that!

Ron La Manna: It was Bobo Bubalak  that did it...or you smoke to much you drink to much you explode in purgia...

Ludivine REYNAUD: This documentary is not bad. However, it only deals with part of the evidence against Knox and Sollecito. I do agree that the case may not have meet the reasonable double standard. However, they were strong pieces of evidence aside from the kitchen knife and the bra clasp.
Here is my view on the case :

safia khan: Amanda is the killer no doubt about that

Maat's: I have shared houses about 3 times, way more than I would have ever wanted to do, and god knows that to this very day I regret it to death. I had one good experience, with this really awesome gay couple, who became family to me and everything. There was also this one other woman who was nice and kind. But other than those, it's just shocking the types and amount of evil sick people you come cross when you share, it's just beyond overwelming. I only did it three times and I got everything, from the idiot who thinks you have to also share the house with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend/lover, to the sociopath who thinks you should clean after them, and all the way to the jealous psycho couple exactly. This is real guys, they do exist! Regarding the latest this one flatmate (a French guy) was into me and at one point, because I would not respond to it, decided to target me with his idiot girfriend (some chinese woman) who hated me and every single other female on earth, because she knew that he had a crush on me; And mind you that these weren't kids either. We were all in our 30s when this happened. It got to a point where he knocked at my bedroom door to threaten me once, and after closing the door on his face, I had to let him know (through an email, copied to the due people, that if he or her ever got any close to me I had already sent all his contacts, email, phone and work address _which I got from the landlady_, to my father a police officer, and his colleagues_. Truth is that I hadn't sent anything to my father, because I didn't want to worry him, but I did copy the email to the landlady and to a friend, asking her to forward the email to my father and his colleagues in case anything happened. The next day he was out, and I left shortly after because I simply just could not share with people anymore after that. It was an absolutly traumatic and terrifying experience at the time! And to this very day, if there is an instance in my life when I just can't afford living on my own (as it's happened ever since) I just move in with my dad for a while, that's what I do now. Seriously people, only the ones of us who have had to share places with people know the kind of evil there is in the human race. Knox is guilty as hell, she was jealous of Meredith, I've been through the exact same with people I have shared, so I really know what I'm talking about. I have been a target to jealousy enough times by now to not be able to recognize a jealous sociopath when I see one...................................P.S...........................................The guy was also furious because he had heard me say that he was not my type, in response to another flatmate asking me about why is it that I didn't respond to his advances. He even called me a racist (I'm mixed race and he was northern african descent) because I'd said that I was just not interested in him; as if race has anything to do with it. So he targeted me because I'd said that I wasn't interested in him, and his girlfriend targeted me because he was interested in me. Could not make this crap up, and would not in a milion years even imagine that people could be this evil and messed up. But I'm telling you guys, this kind of crap and these type of people they do exist. The Amanda Knoxs and Rafael Solicitos of this world are everywhere. So please just avoid sharing all together! These days I would rather starve and just pay rent to sharing with any other stranger EVER again.

Dimitroula K.: Amanda is definitely guilty. This is an individual with a very dark side. You can see it in her eyes.

Chan Ken: All three are released.

Naoam Reyes: when you are stressed, depressed and any kind of ess. or like sad and stuff of course we seek someones comfort. and for me it would be okay to kiss my boyfriend or hug him and whatever goddamn comfortness i can give. if thats weird wow, i dont know whys that weird. the only mistake they had was raff lied.

James Crane: loki skywalker so tell me what you think happened. Some of the evidence you are laying out I was told was proven wrong later, but I am perfectly willing to change my mind if it makes sense to.

James Crane: I think Rudy used the towels to clean up any blood leading up to the room, then put the towels in the room and locked the door to give himself time. He then took off and gave this story later on about trying to help MK then panicking and runing. Then he names Knox later on, not on the tape of the conversation with his good friend. I think they arrived later after the murder.

James Crane: also ,she used a kitchen knife and then put it back in the drawer. Are you kidding me ? NO one is that stupid.

Ichabaud Craine: I don't get the obsession with the fact Amanda was kissing her boyf, etc. She was 20 for freaks sake, there were two students in line behind me the other week that were right down each other's throats. That was "inappropriate" too, and made me dislike them a bit. It's not even circumstantial evidence of guilt though.

Athena griego: And isn't it alittle  weired that the same girl that would criticize  Amanda about bringing strange men into the house ? Why then would she part take in a sex game with a girl she didn't like? Mom seems weired too.

Athena griego: Well doing cart wheels not showing emotion going to a lingerie shop after this girl was killed. She didn't care about this girl in fact she was very jealous of the girl. She only shows crocodile tears when its pointing to her . I'm an American and I find it weired. I still say she had something to do with it. I believe she was there. I believe her and her Italian ex lover were on drugs because thats what they did and I believe she had something to do with it. The connection between her and her ex lover is that they are both sociopaths. She is pure evil just look into her eyes and his. They are just pure evil. I had a similar situation happen to me but the girl was from England and the guy was some country I had never even heard of. They were freaken nuts and they did everything to try and hurt me they were both extremely insecure around me. She slept with the guy I was seeing she did everything she could to try and hurt me. Her and her boyfriend. Thank god I left.
Amanda Knox Documentary - Sex, Lies and the Murder of Meredith Kercher (2008) 5 out of 5

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Amanda Knox Documentary - Sex, Lies and the Murder of Meredith Kercher (2008)