Beyonce 'Lemonade' Album Review

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Beyoncé - Lemonade - Album Review
Beyoncé - Lemonade - Album Review
Album reviews Beyonce & The Jayhawks
Album reviews Beyonce & The Jayhawks
Beyonce Said Drink This #Lemonade, Heaux!! | VEDA Day 24 of 30 @EVEEEEEZY
Beyonce Said Drink This #Lemonade, Heaux!! | VEDA Day 24 of 30 @EVEEEEEZY
Beyonce 'Lemonade' Album Review
Beyonce 'Lemonade' Album Review

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Trini Trent: HEY: I've changed directions! Watch the new video of the revamped Trini Trent TV here

Brad Gemini: B'Day is my favorite album from Beyoncé. I also think it is still her best album to date.

Ronaldo Pedro: Gay

spvrkles: Flies 😂😂

Phillip Campbell: The Music #instrumental alone is 5/5 I Mean it was written or composed by Prince Rogers Nelson in Parts ...

kingbey fan: Beyoncé has been in this business for almost 20 years and STILL RELEVENT. That's a mark of a LEGEND. LONGEVITY

kingbey fan: You lost me at the ballads didn't have emotion. Sandcastle was that song that had emotion. Also Beyoncé still have a powerful live vocal voice. I think you are a person that THINKS he know it all but only know half of what you're saying.

Michonne: Lmao you're so negative. No matter what Beyoncé do in her career, You will hate it. She delivered a deeper album with a deeper meaning and of course. You need to research the meanings behind The videos . Igbo Landing, Oshun, Yoruba, ankara, laolu sebanjo, queen Neferriti and warsan shire.

nande mkatshwa: trent obviously doesn't like beyonce. Nothing wrong with that.

FlowersforReal: One thing I found strange was the imagery with her and Serena in "Sorry". Where it may seem like she's uplifting Serena, I found it odd that Serena was on the floor, twerking, essentially putting on a show, while Beyonce sat very nonchalant and didn't really pay Serena any attention. I thought it a bit degrading in regard to Serena because here's this great, strong, athletic, and powerful woman parading around you, and you don't seem to find her the least bit worthy of your attention. Just my POV.

Water Fountain: i dont watch music video because it distorts the mind. i wonder if music video weren't around. who would be popluar?

SEAN’s COCKTAILS & CONFLICT SHOW: lol Basically damn if she do, damn if she don't

SEAN’s COCKTAILS & CONFLICT SHOW: Beyonce has bailed people out in ferguson. Beyonce also marched with Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown's parents

SEAN’s COCKTAILS & CONFLICT SHOW: Welp. Beyonce def is Queen and she is pop culture. Lemonade and Formation racked up all these awards

SEAN’s COCKTAILS & CONFLICT SHOW: lmao at Brandy's influence on Love Drought... chile pls. lol

MJ: Beyonce is light skin but she is not mixrace.(Half/half)

Therefore being light skin doesn't that still make her a black woman?

Derek Johnson: I got a rihanna diverse and bad gal vibe with the black girl movement storyline to complete it . That explicit lyrics all rih. Tryna be dope but it wasn't allat Tho, she gives me try to hard to be cool.

Ross.White98: It's so funny when you shade Beyonce throughout the entire video! 'What Beyoncé was instructed to do', 'what the writers intended' hahaha

Bryant Blalock: when he said swing down my mango tree I died😂
Beyonce 'Lemonade' Album Review 5 out of 5

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Trini Trent: HEY: I've changed directions! Watch the new video of the revamped Trini Trent TV here
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Beyonce 'Lemonade' Album Review