Soup Mate Pro Problem

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Soup Mate Pro problem
Soup Mate Pro problem
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Kym Farquhar: gone through 3 of them, I love it I just wish the soup mate pro made a high quality long lasting unit.our 3rd one has seized up also.

DJ Supergirl: Omg I LOVE my Soup Mate Pro and Im so surprised that all of you have had so many issues because in my opinion the Soup Mate Pro is the best appliance on the planet period!!! Love it Love it Love it!!!

Gerard Hughes: The "jug" has just crazed and cracked.Prior to that the cheep SS steal carboned up and impossible to clean.Another hunk of chinga junk>Don't waste your money on it!

thetaijicentre: Wow this is even worse than mine! I bought one from a major retailer that has great refund policy so when mine failed inside the warranty ( the rubber seal of the lower sensor inside the jug cavity became dislodged (ready to be blended in a future meal) it was replaced. # 2 then had a drive malfunction where friction was created on the silicone(?) coupling seen in the centre of above video end shot that not only made an ungodly high pitched screaming noise it left a spray of plastic particles all round the cavity.

I'm am now on the 3rd machine that has a similar but much reduced problem and i have been waiting for the store to re-stock (?) before returning it too. Originally purchased at Nov 2013 the first failed @ about  8 mths and the second within a month. The third is getting close to warranty run-out, but still makes great smooth beautiful soups but has the coupling friction happening - maybe due to from the same store bad batch- but not worsening as yet. It is same as Adam Birbeck below: "The silicone cogs were stripped grinding against each other (which causes the powdering and specks inside."

ps Re food burn over the heating element area, soak first, then later scrub any remains with a micro fibre cloth, rubbed by an upturned dish brush or similar to prevent cuts to hand, don't use steel scourers which scratch base and encourage foods to stick and burn worse next time. My 2nd and 3rd units have had much reduced issue following this method.) 
I will try to get refund this time after coming across this and put it to one of the well branded machines available now  e.g. Teal soup and Co looks pretty good.

Sharon O'Farrell: The Soup Mate Pro is a piece of crap. The first one I had lasted not even 3 months when it tripped the meter. The second did exactly the same as in the video. The cogs heat up become soft and brake. They offered me at that stag a replacement or my money back. I wish I had got my money back. The third did the same same and they won't honor the warranty. All they offered was a new one at half price. Anyone thinking of buying one don't.

Rita Cachia: Tv shop won't replace mine cause they stopped selling them . I need a new lid . Anyone knows where i c an get one?

Philip Chang: thanks for all your comments
you all saved me at least $150

Budget Web: The Soup Mate Pro is a joke. I paid almost $300 for something that is truly a con job. Firstly the steamer basket sits so low that the vegetables etc. are not steamed but boiled. Try it even with a little water, forget the suggested marks on the jug. 2. Difficult to clean - The jug base will cut you when you try to get the burned black scrubbed. The blades sit on top with no way of taking them out. 3. The inner tube is awkward to place. I am still trying to work out what the inner tube is supposed to do. It won't sit still. I use mine as a door stop. I will never ever buy anything that is advertised on useless TV. As for soup I would rather do it in a sausepan. Dont buy this rubbish!!

Cherrian Eecen: Thank you for this video... mine just did the same thing... I have made about 30 soups in 6 months... now it is dead for the same reason....was thinking it was me and may buy another one... but thought research would be a good start... now I will not buy another one.... not sure what to buy now.... perhaps blend with my blender then heat in a pan and then blend again... will experiment... at least it did get me started on soups and a more nutritional way of eating.... 

Feral Hunter: We had exactly the same thing happen to our SoupMate after a few months of use. The concept is fantastic and so are the soups but they do need to make them more heavy duty.

Robyn Holden: I bought a soup mate and after 5 uses the smooth soup button would not work; the soup burned into the bottom of the container and was impossible to remove. I attempted to shift it with over cleaner. That worked well except the rivets at the bottom of the container melted and now it leaks +++ and is useless.

Caren Hart: I have just bought one on trade me. It will not reheat. Looks like they are rubbish and faulty. Wish i had seen this on here before i bought it.

Guy Mansbridge: My experience:
I just comepleted a one-month trial and paid $19.90 for that.  I experienced no malfunctions in this time, but did find the beeping LOUD, disruptive to others in the house and annoying.  The metal tube doesn't lock into place at the bottom, so I also had several stuffed-up soup/coffee/blend situations because of this when needing to remove the lid to add more ingredients, etc, since what was in the tube then became mixed with everything else.
Anyway, I phoned before the trial period expired, reasoning that for the total of $269.89 it wasn't worth the hassle owning this device.  They initially dropped the price by $65 (25%) and when I said that I'd rather return it they said how about 50% off?  After saying no, I realised that that was they're final offer...yet I wanted to enquire of AusPost the shipping I would have to incur to return it first...
Sending back costs about $40, as I calculated shipping on it yesterday via ordinary AusPost, sending from Adelaide to Port Melbourne.  This included the weight of the stone-coated frypan I also received as a free gift.  I decided not to return it, based on this price, which would have resulted in an overall $60 loss to me, but instead I took their offer to pay only $125 over 3 months ($41.65/month).
It's a good deal... but after reading these other reviews I'm definitely keeping this receipt! ;)

stephenc4161: thank you all,just saved my money too i:ll get a known brand from a shop .

John Lear: My wife bought a soup mate pro for me and it worked really well and we wer e  impressed.  It lasted about 4 months and then it cut out the safety switch on the power.  It was halfway through a cycle and working fine before this. . I cant find the receipt to return it.  The idea is brilliant but if I get another it will be a reliable brand

Vanessa McBain: I'm sorry I didn't check reviews first. Mine just keeps on bleeping, 2nd time round and checked all the possibles errors and even used a hairdryer it to make sure it was dry. They are sending me another jug but is that going to answer my issue and what when the 30 days trial expires. I made mushroom soup and it burnt on the bottom so not impressed there either. Bought from TV shop Australia

dawn hansen: my wonderful soup mate pro after 6 months crap it self because of the drive gear of course after six months I have thrown the box and the receipt out but I am pissed off  can any one give me a contact number for where they are made
cheers Dawn  

exIrvinitecult: Thank you for posting this and saving our money will try a recognised brand.

paul murray: We bought the Soup Mate Pro a couple of months ago it worked beautifully, the only huge problem is that our particular blender smells of plastic and the plastic smell goes through the soup - We bought the appliance to make life easier and promote our health. it is of great concern to us that it could be a danger to our health.

Lidy Beff: I did a bit of research and decided on the Tefal Soup& Co. It was the most recommended by Choice Magazine. It was hard to find, but I got one and it's brilliant. It pays to do homework before buying stuff like this. I read a lot of bad stuff about the soup mate pro. I also read that they import them for $30 a unit, which explains why they can relace them so easily !! Anyone reading, do not get the Soup Mate, it is a low quality product. Instead get the Tefal one or the Cuisinart. (as recommended by choice magazine)
Soup Mate Pro problem 5 out of 5

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Kym Farquhar: gone through 3 of them, I love it I just wish the soup mate pro made a high quality long lasting unit.our 3rd one has seized up also.
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Soup Mate Pro problem