GR Review: Avatar The Last Airbender

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GR Review: Avatar The Last Airbender
GR Review: Avatar The Last Airbender
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Brandon Roberts: great show

Maisie G: Yes Arkada!!!! It never ceases to surprise me how much I agree with your opinions on anime.

Gordon Shumway: Avatar the last Airbender is an anime. Fight me!

Swarnim Tiwari: Of course its not anime, parents exist in avatar

Tim Parr: cannot put that iroh zuko scene in a review that people who havent seen the show are supposed to watch. That scene has literally half a show of build--up and you are giving it to them as a first taste.........really?
What I mean by this is that it not only gives away key plot points but also means so much more if you know whats happening and now if someone were to watch it afterwards and they know its coming it really does diminish its impact. Instead put the scene when toph is drinking tea with iroh instead. covers the same point and doesnt have as serious of spoilers. just saying


Kiki Lang: The Movie, "The Ring" was an American version of a Japanese horror movie. Was the American version better than the Japanese? You bet your back side. You will have Japanese horror purest say no, but the American version made more money thant the origional, in Japan. So? The American version was so popular, they hired the Japanese director who made the origial Ring movie, to make the American Ring two. The, "Ring Two" sucked, lost money, and killed any further American Ring movies. Is inspired by anime? Of course. The real question is, Is it better than most Japanese anime? Yes it is.

huesoslazer: When the korra's review?

TheSuperf12: i don't know if you know this already or even read these comments anymore...or if you only watch shows but never read them, but there are cannon comics that show story points that have been open and never explained, example: what happened to Zuko's Mother. etc. just typing this and hope it gets to you if you don't already know.

Peter Sharr: Few things make me cry as hard as "Leaves from the vine". That moment was incredible.

Nanu Lee: I need this show

Pogchamp: Legend of Korra review???

Yakom: It doesn't freaking matter if it's made by and for western audiences. You said it yourself, if you like anime, you'll like this. Now why is that!? It has all the same mannerisms and style of-guess what- a freaking anime! Now, with out even the mention of 'it's American' prove to me this isn't an anime.

Johnny Green Face: Animated in fake korea

Harrison Kjos: Season 3 is the best season 1 is the worst

Haviick: whoa... animation is only japanese... mind blown

Mr.Jedicool5: That part at 11:05 with Sakka saying his girl turned into the moon, the ad played and I just said out loud, “man, that’s rough buddy” then the vid resumes and and zuko goes saying the same crap, I was just immediately mind blown!

Nathan Coffee: i hate to admit it... but that iroh short story had me teared up

Just Another Youtube Channel: Avatar? TRIGGERED

Peter Spychala: I'm an Iroh fan boi.
GR Review: Avatar The Last Airbender 5 out of 5

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Brandon Roberts: great show
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RAQUAAHWA TheCodedtestament: I have enjoyed Batman for years and when Arkham Asylum came out it was like a dream come true. I was stealthing around putting beat downs on criminals and facing off with Batman's colorful Rogues gallery. Great stuff.
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GR Review: Avatar The Last Airbender