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jblackapple: for the people that say this isn't good for the lower back...well you simply have a weak back and need to strenghen it with hyperextensions...good mornings....because having strong abs aids your lower back
Tia Cel: sombreritos 😀
SoulSoBreezy: Hope you've all had a good week! But what will Bob's ultimate fate be?
The fight for 10K subs before Blizzcon rages on and I'm open for suggestions to help the channel get to where it needs to be!

Amy Loves Makeup: I just wanted to pop back in and let y’all know that I have played with the neutral shades about four times now and have had absolutely no problems so if that’s what you wanted this palette for I say go for it!
Lucie Geoffroy: Magnifique tes sourcils tinquiete pas !!
Лизз Ф: Ну наконец то пилот посмотреть смог! Спасибо большое, а то у меня комп не грузит.
ItalianBrownsFAN: Just a plug for his friend if anyone is curious and here a little late lol

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