Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Review/ Hands On Video HD

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Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Hands On | English
Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Hands On | English

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Jasper Official: он уже вышел?

Brennan Okulich: Officially the coolest thing I've ever seen.

evooms: too bad its for rich people only

aleks altosaar: yes you can

Otto The Poolpy: If I had 1500$ I would or I'd better buy portable hard drive for it, but it is very uncomfortable

Kujiko 123: My back's all messed up due to the freaking weight of my laptop and school stuff for college. I do not recommend carrying around any more than 8lbs on your back ever.

Sanzo: i feel like this thing will melt its own motherboard

senndbx: ...and every macfag loses their minds

Otto The Poolpy: It has awesome specifications but 64GB of SSD is very low memory for games. I can only istall 3 or 4 games on it.

Dragonzkilerz: battery life-5 minutes

Shyb0y1988: 17 inches laptop is the real thing if you want to replace your gaming desktop for mobility and 10 pounds is not heavy for a real man. do you even lift? and how in the hell will you enjoy this tablet while you are in a travel if you can only play your favorite games in this for only 2 hours??? can you explain it to me?

Jayson Or: i like to play halo online on this tablet lol

dylan natanael: bitches stop comparing this to a pc. its a freakin tablet. compare it to another tablet. not a godam pc/laptop.

Jinamgo: I like how he avoided saying the battery life is 2 hours when playing games

Mario Ricketts: Excellent technology and idea, will wait a few years for refinement and price drop.

Alvaro Neto: My opinion is actually the opposite. I would love this since it would be my e-reader, gaming machine and work machine all with me 24/7 on my backpack wherever I go, and whatever room of the house I choose to be.

Alvaro Neto: Yes, on the tablet native resolution itself it runs beautifully. When you bring it up to a big 1080p it still is pretty much smooth in all but the most demanding of games,in which case you might have to tone it down a bit.

CrispyCucaracha: Its impressive, but compared to an asus ROG, its pricey in relation to its full performance. Its battery life too defeats the portability feature of the tablet, clocking at only 2hrs. It still needs to be tethered to an outlet to have meaningful playtime, and in that scenario, Asus ROG makes more sense :)

Mads Hougesen: Its much more powerful than a PS3.

Anthony Skeels: The i7 and everything else along with the storage is well worth it. It's a mini gaming device in your hands whenever, I don't see why people don't like the idea of it.
Razer Edge gaming tablet review/ hands on video HD 5 out of 5

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Jasper Official: он уже вышел?
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Razer Edge gaming tablet review/ hands on video HD