The Basic Online Marketing Funnel: Reach, Engage, Convert

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The Basic Online Marketing Funnel: Reach. Engage. Convert
The Basic Online Marketing Funnel: Reach. Engage. Convert
Online Marketing Funnel - Breaking Down The Online Marketing Funnel Step-By-Step
Online Marketing Funnel - Breaking Down The Online Marketing Funnel Step-By-Step
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Carolin Soldo: This is a great, clear explanation - and I love that you touched on metrics and tracking as well. Thanks!

Vesta: Hi Awesome Stuff! :bangbang:

Chimp Travel: Has anyone ever used Is #marketingautomation worth it?

Archibald Armory: Ha ha you know that you have had a few glasses too many when you start dotting your a's. Good content!

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Sol Gonzalez: Aaron I loved your video. I learned a lot from what you shared. I appreciate the fact that you explained everything in a calm way!!! I could relax and go back and forth to recap on few thing. BTW, cheers! Salute 😊 with wine... What more could one need. Just exquisite 🍷

Baker Marketing: What a great post !!!!

Noman Anwar SEO Expert: What is E-Leads supposed to be in leads section?

sam dyer: Does anyone know where to find the next video in this series? It's the video he mentions at the end of this video about using a spreadsheet to track ROI.

Gaurav Maheshwari: I believe engagement comes before Reaching out because engaging with informative content will create credibility that will make reaching out and converting more easier and with better conversion rate, Be Reaching out initially would be too vague since every competitor would be doing so!!

Baker: Excellent value delivered here on funnels!

eleones: Sip of wine midway through.


Kalpesh Chandra: Reach, Engage, Conversion and Loyalty , This video is good for beginner. Refreshed my mind, thanks

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Hrishikesh Dange: cool..
The Basic Online Marketing Funnel: Reach, Engage, Convert 5 out of 5

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DutchGamingExperience: nice video, we just started making videos about mmorpg suchs as RaiderZ because we saw videos like yours or MMOHUTs'. It's really fun, but we kinda fail at english :p
Justin Hobart: Well you got your point. Now this is going to be a long comment but if you got time to read you'll hear my point completely. I always recommend to everyone, especially young kids that just get their license, as they're usually picked on it seems by police at least in my area, too get a radar detector first thing. A $75 radar detector, cost just as much as a $75 ticket, however I can't count how many tickets I'm sure my radar detector, has notify me of a officer before I got pulled over. As a matter of fact I've had one for over 4 year in my current car and haven't been pulled over once, for speeding. I'm not going to admit I do but 😉, now you say you can always beat a radar detector bye swinging it up and pushing the trigger, well that's a good thing but you have to be able to see the vehicle, in order to think they're speeding, and if you can see them they should be able to see you. And if they don't see you shame on them. Not to mention your radar gun isn't off when the trigger is not pushed in. It's kind of just like on standby, not putting out a full radar beam, but trust me in a close proximity my radar detector will still go off whether your triggers pushed in or not. Radar detectors pick up all kinds of weird signals of radar so you know they're kind of annoying, but mine I'll pick a radar beam off from a cop car from like over 3 miles easily, and a cop car you would like to think has a better higher quality radar with more power well guess what I'll pick them off even faster, you know like State boys, and even farther away. One crazy thing I had going off one day was a radar Beam for a road construction light, I was like why and what is my radar detector picking up on. It was picking up this construction light from like 15 miles away, even I was a bit shocked at that range. YES! you are totally totally right when it comes to laser, even a radar detector that says it a laser radar detector, well as soon as you get hit by that laser you're done, and it's not going to put off any warning signs, again though it's kind of a line of sight thing. And typically, it seems at least in my area, I don't know if it's a police budget thing or what, but well laser came out years ago and it seems police likes it or something or it's too high-priced I don't know what the deal is but I don't ever see it and use at least around here. A friend of mine got pulled over the state next to me with a laser, a few years back, like I said his radar detector went off he was done, but even then it was an unmarked state car a little Cobalt like you think that was going to be a cop car. But that's been the only time within like 10 years I have ever seen my radar detector or any radar detector signify laser detection, which means there are very few at least in my area. And as far as pulling the trigger on a radar gun, I know a few rookie cops that like to give tickets and try to do that kind of thing, but typically every officer I know around the area either A. Has the radar detector off. Or B. has it constantly sitting on their Dash runing as they're driving down the road. Like I said again I've hardly ever seen any officers around my area do a little pop radar detection, and if they do they're typically doing it on other vehicles besides mine. And like I said I can usually sense the radar before they hit the button. And if they're hitting a car in front of me like 3 miles guess what I'm going to know there was cop out there, and I'm going to slow down. Not to mention you know radar detectors also help out for safety, you know if there's a snow plow ahead, or slow moving equipment, an ambulance or fire engine or something coming up behind you, road construction areas, it will go off, and that could help prevent a accident, besides just beating tickets. So I highly highly recommend a radar detector, they're not 100% foolproof, but in my opinion it doesn't have to be even super fancy with all the bells and whistles to work, it just needs to be a decent one. Another thing you all trying to get out of a ticket might try to consider, which has work for me, on one occasion. Typically like I said officers are leaving the radar run on their Dash, so they can see the speed of every vehicle that goes by, well when they pull you over they need to have that speed they're trying to give you a ticket for lock-in, on the radar gun. And just because they saw that radar gun say 10 miles over the speed limit, if they didn't get it locked in at 10 miles over the speed limit, and you slow down to the speed limit before they pulled you over, guess what, no evidence. if you feel comfortable in not pissing off an officer, SimpliSafe something like this, sir I had my cruise set at the speed limit, I'm not arguing if you say I was speeding, but I just have a very hard time believing it with my cruise set, maybe something's wrong with with my cruise control. Could I see your radar gun and see the speed I was running, they should show you, if they don't whatever, but when this happen to me I asked and the officer showed, me the radar gun. problem is he didn't get it locked in in time, or something. yes I was speeding according to his radar gun. however it was not the speed that he wrote on the ticket. padded the ticket a few miles an hour more just so it would be a moving violation and a higher fine. I went to court I fought the ticket. The officer testified at the accuracy of the radar gun yada yada yada, how often the gun was calibrated and so on and so on, so when they question me they said well what do you have to say in your defense. I said well I'm glad to hear that about the radar gun being so accurate. As I am not saying the radar gun is not accurate at all. I told the judge I had asked the officer to look at his radar gun, and that that was not the speed on the ticket. And that according to his radar gun yes I was a couple miles over the speed limit but not the + 10 miles an hour over the officer said I was according to the ticket according to the officer's own radar. so they turn to the officer and re question him, they said do you typically allow people to look at your radar gun if they request, he said yes I do on occasion. They said did you on this occasion, his answer was I don't recall. guess what they lowered the ticket, LOL I'll bet that officer never patted another ticket or let anyone ever look at his radar again. Well let's hope. because he was trying to give me like 3 b***** tickets at day, two that got dropped and the speeding ticket that got lowered to a ticket and the speeding ticket that got lowered to a ticket that was not even a moving violation and a very low fine, simple reason of getting pulled over driving a bright red Camaro. it doesn't even have to be a bright red Camaro. One time I got pulled over in my grandmother's 68 Cadillac Sedan DeVille boat, why well no tickets were issued apparently the speedometer was off I honestly had no clue I was speeding but the truth of the matter was I got pulled over not really for the speeding but simply because I had this huge boat that could be easily transporting drugs they were trying to do drug bust down the interstate apparently a big boat will hold a lot of illegal LOL I realized after the officer being cool and letting me go how much they were trying to do a drug bust they squads sitting all the way up and down the interstate for the next few miles point of the matter is most of these people are trying to watch this to get out of a ticket and I'm giving a complete thumbs up to radar detectors well worth it even though not 100% effective
Marcio Carvalho: Very cool!
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GamingIsLife !: +cedarjet201 Do you use ORBX FTX addon. I am asking cause your scenery looks fantastic or r u using a airport scenery??
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The Basic Online Marketing Funnel: Reach, Engage, Convert