Mineshafter Bukkit Server Tutorial

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Mineshafter Bukkit Server Tutorial
Mineshafter Bukkit Server Tutorial
How to make a mineshafter bukkit server 1.4.5
How to make a mineshafter bukkit server 1.4.5
Tutorial-minecraft mineshafter server erstellen ohne [hamachi] mit [bukkit]  GermanHD
Tutorial-minecraft mineshafter server erstellen ohne [hamachi] mit [bukkit] GermanHD
My Mineshafter Bukkit Server
My Mineshafter Bukkit Server
Mineshafter Bukkit Server 1.2.5 23 plugins
Mineshafter Bukkit Server 1.2.5 23 plugins

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Heena Mistrya: bunseez

Dxt Ice: Hey, I Can't Login Into The Server!!!! IT Says "Failed To Login: Bad Login

Help Me PLS

jakøb: same here

jakøb: no matter what i do it automaticly (wrong spelling) sets it back to true please, clicking save doesnt do anything!

Fiji Doing Things: Everytime I change online mode to false and click start it goes back to true help?

themanas100: hey dude lemme ask something can u make another guide for 1.4.4 bukkit server? cause right now every1 is using 1.4.4 not 1.3.2 or whatever it now is

james salvador: i cant hear your friend

Jean Andrei Ander: wattss the cowde

Ryane N: it keeps saying faild to verify username when i try to get on the server

branchyapple: dont need a ip you can use localhost (only the host) but the people want to join must have you ip addres

RagtagSquid: how do you op yourself

David Santos: Bro i didnt know how you got those codes!!

jimakos d: when i open start.bat:error occurred during initialization of UM... could not reserve enough space for object heap could not create the java virtual machine press any key to continue . . .

RFT15ify: I already portforwarded. I just used hamachi. My server works now.

shobbaloba182: it says that the port is running a server on it but no servers are on it

SuperiorCustom: do you want higher frames okay 1.Start Minecraft 2.go to task manager 3.go to processes in task manager 4.right click javaw.exe 5.go to set priority go to high and your done this can work for anyone (like this so he sees it) btwnice vid gonna try it in 5 minutes :)

RFT15ify: I am using a custom IP and when I give that IP to my friends it says cannot connect but I can go into my server.

Ty7477: Bro, what happens if it says "Perhaps a server is already running on that port" ?????

Egamer Hernandez: when i run start it says the system cannot find the path specified. press any key to continue and when i do press a key it doesent do anything. so wht do i do
Mineshafter Bukkit Server Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Heena Mistrya: bunseez
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Mineshafter Bukkit Server Tutorial