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Jose Lopez: Since Hogan is back I don't want to see him being a GM cuz he was horrible being GM on TNA
Skiff: Do Prediction videos with this :D
Sarah E: I noticed that too, no Slurpee straws with spoons on them! You guys making a Slurpee is exactly what happens to me, controlled chaos, "I don't see it leaking anywhere" sounds like something I would say.
Guilherme Não interessa: Sua voz parece a voz do kamicaze
PrincessLeeshy: do you get payed bi weekly or weekly?? if so i feel like 100 bucks a week is sooo much for rent haha especially considering that you have so many roomates ugh
Sarah Drepaul: Sorry I haven't watched this yet but isn't this lady from 400 Days She said she was apart oh a nice group And Isn't Her Name Like Tavia or something like that?
AllboroLCD: this game was loaded on the old IBM PS/2 machines at my elem school when i was a wee lad, teacher would let us play if we had our work done early.... memories

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