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Judy Berg: Would like to see a new video of this lidded jar. It was a little hard to see exactly how the lid is formed.
Cj Hax: seeders = uploaders 
leechers = downloaders

Lucas Nakao: That was one crazy crazy match!
BlackoutWorm - The Truth Will Set You Free!: Does the record feature work on this one, and is this still being updated?
Александр Заботин: Класс! Обе мои фидерные в этом обзоре. FOX,korum.
Watch Review: Купить часы Edifice из серии EQB вы можете в официальном магазине G-STORE RUSSIA в Москве и по всей России.

Rey Anex: Can someone help me
I'm trying to update my iPhone to 9.3 but it won't pop up

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