Igaging Absolute Origin Calipers IP-54

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Honest iGaging Absolute Origin Caliper Review
Honest iGaging Absolute Origin Caliper Review
Igaging Absolute Origin Calipers IP-54
Igaging Absolute Origin Calipers IP-54
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Overview: iGaging OriginCal 0-6" Absolute Origin Digital Calipers
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My thoughts on the iGaging Absolute Origin Cal 150mm digital caliper

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Magic Rojava: Delusional. Imported stuff.

andré Dauphin: hello, Sam, thank you for your video is your explanation, it's great practice I think to buy some of the equipment following the price ... See you soon on video ...

Ben Hill: Thank You Good Call!!

Quốc Bảo: hi men. Differentiate your case than case on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7oVwnpsGyU.

I in vietnam. I going to order on amazon but worry Counterfeit Goods. Mitutoyo is very very expensive. I dont want to spend more than 120$ to buy it.

Chris Parker: Nice video. I bought the 8-inch Absolute Origin caliper and it is amazing. I'm a woodworker and it far exceeds my expectations. It's very nice and for less than $55....well you can't beat it.

Albert Cox: Sweet tool, I have got to get one, thanks for the demo.

Craig's Machine Shop: Nice! I'll have to get one.

Crivo152: Nice video Sam. I've been using the iGaging calipers for over a year, and they are the best. They feel luxurious to use, and they are very accurate. I paid $35 for mine I think, but I didn't pick up the USB sender because that would have tripled the price, and I also didn't fancy the external wires.

MasterOf Pings: HOW COOL very useful thank you for sharing Boss !!!!!

Chad Choate: Your welcome Sam. Great job on the video. Looks like I may in the market of a pm727. Keep up the great work.

Turning Point: I sure hope you don't mind a bit of added metrology information.

At best almost any dial or digital calipers are only "close" for measurements. And the last digit on the display is pretty much meaningless since a factor of how measurements are done and processed within the tool is if everything else is perfect then it's still only accurate to + - one count. But a couple of excellent references would be either the Starrett or Mitutoyo websites. On top of that + - one count issue you still need to know what the tools repeatability and overall real world accuracy is. A lot of people confuse resolution with what the obtainable accuracy really is. Resolution is simply how many digits there are to the right of the decimal point. The repeatable accuracy is what you need to know. And again that's generally + - 1 count. So for even good Starrett or mitutoyo calipers in either dial or digital there still only guaranteed to being within .002" There are a few mostly European built calipers that are far more accurate to the point of being close to micrometer accuracy, but there also more than a bit co$tly.

I also wouldn't trust calipers for anything too close for inside measurements. If you look at the edges that are used for inside checks you'll see there's small flats ground on the edges since sharp knife edges wouldn't last for long. So even though those flats are pretty small they also won't and can't give you very accurate readings since they only touch at the outside edges of those flats inside the hole. And the smaller the hole is the less accurate the measurement is. It may only be a few thou, but if you don't know about it you can end up scraping parts. It all depends on the actual accuracy your needing. I bought a set of Mit. solar powered calipers and they are the very best I've ever had my hands on so far. But I still only trust them to .003"-.005" for accuracy under shop conditions on a parts O.D. If I need better than that then the mikes come out. And good telescoping gauges and depth gauges for both inside and depth measurements. Bearing or press fits in the sizes were likely to be working with need a lot better than most calipers can provide. There still my most used measuring tool so I think it's well worth buying good ones.

A nice option IGaging has for that wireless set up. Mitutoyo has had that available through there SPC port for awhile now, but is also quite expensive. With some luck these cheaper systems might help to force there prices down.

Thanks for the video, I thought it was more than interesting. I'd also be real interested in what you get for battery life in the future.

Robert Carr: Nice Sam,  Its on the list of new tools to get

Andrew Cowell: Sweet!
Added to my wish list :p
Igaging Absolute Origin Calipers IP-54 5 out of 5

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Magic Rojava: Delusional. Imported stuff.
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Igaging Absolute Origin Calipers IP-54