Atwood Water Heater Not Heating, Won't Light With Wiring And Diagnostics - Donald McAdams

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Atwood water heater not heating, won't light with wiring and diagnostics - Donald McAdams
Atwood water heater not heating, won't light with wiring and diagnostics - Donald McAdams
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How To Troubleshoot a RV Hot Water Heater That Will Not Ignite
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Rosanna Moss: "Sparky-Sparky" You're adorable! I'm having trouble concentrating...are you married? Sorry:) my water heater isn't even ticking, HELP!

B Y1: Why do RV water heater gas valves have TWO solenoid coils? They are NOT TWO STAGE gas valves.

mud: Excellent video. i had a water leak and think i may have run my GC10A-3E with an empty tank. Is it ruined? What would you recommend as a starting point if its possible it can be repaired? Is this a "gas only" model? It looks almost exactly like the one you work on in this video. My owners manual confuses this matter by trying to cover multiple models.

jtlachappelle: Sounds like you know your stuff but we cant see a goddamn thing youre doing

Herock Hernandez: Very very very informative video. Thanks a lot tomorrow I will get into it and I'll see what the problem is

E Wade: I need a starting point. My atwood was under electric operation, there was a noticeable smell of burning briefly inside the rv. The smell cleared but now the heater does not operate by electric. The usual buzzing sound when power is on is still there but no hot water. Where should I start? A burnt fuse should not make smoke right? I see nothing scorched on the outside of the heater . Thanks for any ideas.

Terra Pulse: Help.  I admit being a newbie with my first experiences in owning a trailer.  With that said, out of curiosity, I turned on the electrical switch (not using propane) to see if the red light would come on.  It did, then it went out.  I shut the switch off, then turned it back on and same thing happened, red light went out, but what followed next was not expected... I heard a small explosion. No water in the tank, and I immediately shut the switch back off.  Did I just burn my element?  I have no idea what that "small explosion" was.  I hope I didn't create a costly mistake.  What could have caused that explosion?

P.S.  I re-watched your vid and at 8:38 I noticed when you "shadowed" the switch, it seems to be normal for the red light to momentarily turn on and then off.  My only question now is the "small explosion".  (Great vid, btw.)

Jacob C: Hey. When is the other water heater going to be serviced? That is same as mine. Mine will not light or heat electric either!

ScottDLR: Thanks very much for this. Very, very helpful!
Thanks to this video, I was able to troubleshoot a homeless vets WH (bad eco). Certainly you've made his life a bit better.

Sherry Underwood: Xx

Beth Conaway: Donald I need help so bad. I have an 2003 Coachman and I have an Atwood water heater. The flame comes on strong and goes off a couple seconds later everytime. I have troubleshoot everything I could believe for it to be. Please help

Mike Willems: Ok I think your right about the dirty connection. Today I was messing around with the plug that plugs into the board. I moved it in and out abit and It actually tried to spark. So tonight I'm going to get some electrical cleaner and clean all of the connections. If that doesn't work I'm going to try buying a new plug for it if I can.

Mike Willems: Ok my issue is the water heater is getting power 12.85 to the tstat but not to the eco. Is it just the thermostat or the main switch. This heater has never worked since I bought the trailer but a week ago it actually fired up. But now it won't fire up again. Not sure why it worked the one time and now nothing at all again.

Scott R: Very informative video, but my problem is element not shutting off. Atwood GC6AA-10E that I always run on 110VAC and never on gas. The heating element does not shut off and it was scalding hot. I replaced both the Tstat and ECO, but still have the same problem. From what I understand there is nothing but a relay and element in the back of the unit inside the RV. Am I correct in assuming the board is the only thing left that is bad? Any opinion? Thanks.

helene lewis: I am not home right now but will check oven hood vent when I get there. Thank you so much for your quick response.

helene lewis: Hi Don, Perhaps you can help answer a question for us. We recently purchased a 2002 Trail lite R Vision B+ and have no idea where the remote switch is located in the camper for the hot water heater. Can you direct me to who or where I might find out this info or perhaps you can help. It is an atwood hot water heater with electric ignition. Thank you

Donald McAdams: 01mtech
You will need to use the switch pack for the conversion. It can be done but I recommend having a tech do it unless you understand the wiring diagram.
Hope that helps

o1mtech: I'm hoping that you can help with an electrical question. My older water heater, the one you have on the right, with three wires coming from the main electrical board, went bad and I couldn't find an exact replacement unit, so I had to settle for the newer unit, the one you have shown on the left. This new unit comes with 4 wires, while my older one had 3. The dilemma I have is which wires go where. The unit has 4 wires, Orange, Dark Green, Dark Blue and white.
The camper has 3 wires, Dark Brown, Light Blue and Light Green.

Is it possible to hook this up correctly?

Bob Langlois: Hi Donald, this is great. I was using it to help diagnose my water heater this past weekend while at the camp site. The water heater worked great on LP all season, mostly when camper was connected to AC power. This weekend we were on battery but it would not fire. The board ticks, the igniter sparks, but the gas does not seem to flow and it goes into lockout mode. I tried resetting multiple times, cleaned the connectors, checked for blockages in J-tube, etc...nothing.

I was able to borrow a Fluke meter and checking the voltage at the ECO red wires both side I only get about 6-7V. I tried to check the gas valve Ohms, but cannot tell where you put the black probe on the valves. Another note, is that my batteries were not fully charged, but everything else in the camper worked fine. I've since tried it while plugged in at home as well. No change.What do you think? thanks!

Tankless water heater Aurora: Thanks for the ideas you have shared here.
Atwood water heater not heating, won't light with wiring and diagnostics - Donald McAdams 5 out of 5

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cupcake: Nice review, Emer.
Rosanna Moss: "Sparky-Sparky" You're adorable! I'm having trouble concentrating...are you married? Sorry:) my water heater isn't even ticking, HELP!
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Atwood water heater not heating, won't light with wiring and diagnostics - Donald McAdams