OnePlus X Review: Bang For Buck, Redefined

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Salam Rahman: this channel name was iPhonedog before now they changed it

Kartik Patil: classic...

deepthroat90: your voice sounds like "kevin" from vsauce...

Alvin Capalad: Buy an HTC One M8 and get boomsound, NFC, wider LTE bands, IR, 32g, waaaay better battery, better build for $150. $250? Oh please

Matthew Sherman: Does this Phones Lock Screen display Notifications from twitter and instagram etc like normal?? example- Ios.

Please Reply!!

KINTOINTOCABLE: Did not like it. Poor video recording. I use cricket (att) Lte does work on my area.

Wolfgang Klinger: Wold buy it but invite only ;(

Bill Y.: "The best budget smart phone." Have you ever heard of BLU life one X? I would like to see a smack down of these two.

Phillip Morales: 3 GB of RAM? Are you sure? lol whenever I google the specs I find 2 GB of RAM everytime.

ColdPrecision98: Hate when some people say that the 801 is obsolete even though it's clearly gonna be better than the 600 and 400 processors In phones at this price. The 801 is a great processor my HTC one m8 is an awesome example and you can get them online for less than 200.

hl2master: OnePlus proves that style doesn't need to come with a heavy price tag.

Deandre Ruffin: If they squished an iPhone 4 to make it flat and slapped in android. This would be the phone.

drethekiller: I Have one.
Love it!

Khampa Man: will the one plus x work on all networks? Does it have 4G LTE. I live in Canada, and I read somewhere that it doesn't work on Windmobile's network. is that true?

LarsJ1977: Lazy review is lazy

lozmoz12345: Great review :)

Jeffrey Leung: wish i had gotten this instead of my moto g 2015.

Saul Loredo: any of y'all know if this gets T-Mobile lte?

oisin o callaghan: absolutely love my OnePlus X. got it after my one broke and feels even better

JOSHUA FLORENT: htc eye is on sale for 199 on amazon!!!!
OnePlus X Review: Bang for Buck, Redefined 5 out of 5

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miniaturecollector: Огромное спасибо!
Salam Rahman: this channel name was iPhonedog before now they changed it
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Halaa: Keira's smile 😍😍😍😍😍
daddytrynd: "You have to be able to lead your team to win the game." Most important thing at the end of the day guys. The best way to get to that is through making smart decisions and always typing to your team. The difference is absolutely tremendous. Tarz and I have also worked before on optimizing clear/proper smiting/recalls. I know, like someone in the comments wrote, it is difficult to tell what a master player does right, and they seem very bad in comparison when there is a constant dialogue with one of the best players in the game. Use that contrast to realize that there is always SO MUCH you can do to improve, and keep grinding :p

OnePlus X Review: Bang for Buck, Redefined