Pure Blue Japan Jeans: Review

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Pure Blue Japan Jeans: Review
Pure Blue Japan Jeans: Review
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周庠: Hi! Really nice vid! I have two PBJ’s and I’m looking to get a purple xx-014. I have a question, are the -012’s and 014’s the same cut?

Jamilah Hassan: Japan blue

Chris Howard: This was a really good review. Thanks for putting it up. Just got my first pair of PBJs last week. Can’t wait to get them
Fully broken in.

harry cronos: How much are they?

Renanto Pratama: I'm selling my pbj xx-014 sz 33. 😅 Very lightly worn, never washed/soaked. Bought wrong size from Denimio & you're right, feel so tight in thigh area but comfy in waist & tapered area below knee. @ me if you're interested. I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cheapest price guarantee!

debtonn a: good.

Honda Game: i just read your description. my waist is 33, so i should probably get 34 straight to not get a nut hugger effect and go to the tailor?

Honda Game: im thinking about getting xx-010 which is the slim straight version of xx-014 but are these nut huggers? yours are tapered so it looks a little tight. I'm thinking if i get straight it should give my the room i desire.

legalsolutions07: I'm wondering if Japanese jeans last as long as a good pair of Levi's? Buying a pair of these jeans sounds like buying a pair of Nicks or White's handmade boots. At $450 a pair it still takes months of daily wear to get the to conform to your foot and break in, but when they do you'll own the pair for many many years. I wonder if buyers of Japanese jeans can say the same. I like the dye colors that the Japanese use but it sounds like many may have issues with the fit so I'll continue to buy Levi's because I know they fit me like I want.

Npay tkt: I like PBJ, Momotaro, Japan Blue and the likes... Can't wear them unfortunately, I've never got them to fit. I think they're for Japanese morphologies so unless you're very slim and/or have a flat ass you're out of luck !

Mildblend Supply Co: Nice video bud

Kevin Zheng: i got a pair but the taper is so wide! any idea how you managed it?
edit: taper at the feet

Naegeli Marius: Hey, awesome Video, just bough a purple weft when I was in Japan this year.... absolutely in love with PBJ, but first working on my 18 oz xx 013 and my xx020 pop up indigo, do you have an insta account to follow?

Razak Idris: so, when will you be the proud owner of Iron Heart jeans?

Mildblend Supply Co: One of the best. Available at mildblend.com

Bobby Davis: you should try the pbj nc011 or xx011. they a r e both left hand twill and they fade hella fast.

Herathrig: You need to do more of these Japanese jean reviews. This vid is well produced, informative plus its in English. I see a lack of this kind content on youtube and you could fill that little niche.

Disphol Chamnil: Very good vid. I also own a pair of the XX-012s Green Leaf by Denimio. I guess you wash your jeans quite often as well judging from the classic fades you have.

Bobby Davis: I have 3 pair of them. love them to death especially the cigarette slim and no change black. they're really the only jean company that accommodate big sizes.

Tewsdays: Awesome video! Love it. Keep it up! I'm working on a pair of xx012s myself about 6-7 months of wear. Can't wait to see how they turn out
Pure Blue Japan Jeans: Review 5 out of 5

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周庠: Hi! Really nice vid! I have two PBJ’s and I’m looking to get a purple xx-014. I have a question, are the -012’s and 014’s the same cut?
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Pure Blue Japan Jeans: Review