Album Reviews Beyonce & The Jayhawks

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Album reviews Beyonce & The Jayhawks
Album reviews Beyonce & The Jayhawks
Beyoncé - Lemonade - Album Review
Beyoncé - Lemonade - Album Review
Beyoncé - LEMONADE Review!!!
Beyoncé - LEMONADE Review!!!
Beyonce Dangerously in Love 2003 Full Album REACTION/REVIEW! VLOGMAS/REACTMAS DAY 8!
Beyonce Dangerously in Love 2003 Full Album REACTION/REVIEW! VLOGMAS/REACTMAS DAY 8!
Beyoncé - Lemonade Album Review
Beyoncé - Lemonade Album Review

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bedcastle: Quiero saber lo q dicen , spanish plis

Anna Romero: I'm glad I found y'alls a beyhive Stan I appreciate the fact that you had knowledgeable and thoughtful opinions, very open-minded and observant.

Mia Marte: Watch/review the LEMONADE visual album!!

Base Bentham: I’m sorry but y’all have obviously never listened to Beyoncé’s 4 album, there’s rock, pop, contemporary, and it’s really like a love letter to 70s and 80s music, that album is what u call a body of work.

YOUNG: Great reviews

LeopardLover LeopardLover: Lmfao when he made the meal analogy all I could hear is my mom

Jacque Cunningham: album.

Jacque Cunningham: Stop Defending yourselves. I am a black woman and I've never connected with Beyoncé, So its ok guys. Ive never bought any of her albums. Neither has my daughter and she is 14 and Im 39 so not everyone loves Beyoncé, But I must say I was able to connect with this able simply based on being cheated on. and I think beyonce has always simply came from a point of Im happy and life is great and I like every dam body and I was always like bitch life isn't that dam great. So I agree with you guys. Great review

Feven Mekonenn: I would love to hear your thoughts on Solange's album A Seat At The Table, also a left field album but something that I believe paid off.

PETER MAINWALD: This makes me puke...Mentioning Beyonce the ghetto queen with The Jayhawks in the same video? Uh.. no.

Jonah kingi: Omg this is honestly my favourite review. Loved this video! Respect

qwer8907: great reviews guys one point with regards Beyonce dvd i would of like a choice just to be able to purchase the cd alone her album cost more now then a regular cd album pricing is important as a consumer i do like a choice the same goues with the neil young album monsanto years price is important cheers

Datreon Lewis: Respect to you guys! Love the reviews! Beyonce really grabbed my attention lol

José Esteban Jiménez Salazar: Don't care about the jayhawks but give me some lemons that album is art 🍋

CHEETAH69: Never thought the day would come where I'd hear someone say Beyonce sounds a little like Fiona Apple. I'm a huge fan of both. So this is pretty awesome.

James Hyatt: Like to her the new Jayhawks. No Beyonce thanks...

D. Moore: Great reviews guys. Just a btw - If the title does refer to Marcel Proust, pronunciation is like "proost" to rhyme with roost!

Klaus Bluetner: Could be a reference to French fiction writer Marcel Proust. Fine reviews, thanks for sharing!

ThatSingerReactions: i love your reviews on this and it seems beyonce album is touching a very wide fanbase
Album reviews Beyonce & The Jayhawks 5 out of 5

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bedcastle: Quiero saber lo q dicen , spanish plis
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Album reviews Beyonce & The Jayhawks